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Why We're So Affordable


We Don't Pay Rent

All our jewelry is stored in the same place it is crafted, which means we don't pay rent. Our costs are lower.


We Don't Pay Sales Staff

As we only sell online, we don't need pay be salaries for sales staff. Our costs are lower.


From Factory To You

We ship directly from our factory to your doorstep using our preferred shipping parters who give us amazing rates. Our costs are lowered.


You Save Money

We've designed our business so that our costs are lower which means we can sell our jewelry to you for less!

Yep! From the get-go we all sat down and asked ourselves this question. How can we sell high-quality jewelry that EVERYONE can afford...without sacrificing quality. And so the unique business Kaylee Jackson was born. Where we don't have in-person stores, sales staff, or warehouse fees. We keep everything in the one place, only sell online, and because of these things...we can sell our jewelry at 30-50% LESS than what other brands charge you for their jewelry

When you buy from Kaylee Jackson you are getting better than whole pricing.

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