4 Celebrities who wear Pink Tourmaline jewelry

The pretty pink tourmaline gemstone is thought to have a calming effect, and the feminine glow that it gives off adds a sweet touch of beauty to any person who wears it. It’s a popular choice in jewelry because of how good it looks – many celebrities choose to wear it on the red carpet. These four women know how to use the gemstone to draw attention:

Christina Aguilera

Singer and TV personality Christina Aguilera appeared at The Voice live show in 2015 wearing a beautiful ring decorated with pink tourmaline and amethyst. She matched the jewelry with a bright pink leather jacket and nail polish in the same color, with a black dress underneath to get the perfect rock-chic look.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Known from her performances in movies such as Sliding doors, Shakespeare in love and Avengers, this actress also has a love for gemstones.  She practices transcendental meditation and has created a website and weekly newsletter to encourage people to take care of themselves on the inside and outside. At the Oscars in 2015 she wore a pale pink dress and pear-shaped earrings made of diamonds, sapphires and tourmalines.

Selena Gomez

At the Radio Disney Music Awards in 2013, Selena Gomez wore a simple, cute ring with a golden band and pink tourmaline gemstone. The superstar became famous at a young age when she appeared in children’s television. She’s a talented singer who has released two solo albums, and three albums together with her band while she was a teenager.

Ariel Winter

If you’ve watched the TV series Modern family you’re familiar with this young actress, who plays the role of Alex Dunphy. In 2014, at the Golden Globe Awards, she wore earrings with several beautiful gemstones: ruby, diamond, aquamarine and pink tourmaline!

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