5 traits that prove people born in October are awesome – Pink Tourmaline birthstone

Are you or someone close to you born in October? This is the month of pink tourmaline birthstone, a beautiful gem with amazing properties. The pink tourmaline represents the heart and therefore it stands for love, joy, and happiness! If you’re born this month your zodiac sign is either Libra or Scorpio and the traits below are likely familiar to you…

1. Big charm and charisma

Someone born in October is naturally charismatic and draws attention from others. They sometimes unintentionally make others like them by using their charm and glowing charisma. People can get jealous of you because of the attention you get, but you should use your personality to keep spreading positive energy around you. There’s no reason to hold back when you have amazing traits you should make use of.

2. Steady as a mountain

You don’t get upset by petty things. Even in an argument, you rarely lose control of your feelings if it doesn’t get overly heated. Your calm nature means people find it easy to talk to you and open up, because they know that you don’t judge. Just make sure not to bottle up your own emotions for the sake of those around you – they want to give something back to you for the empathy you give them and are probably ready to support you unconditionally just like you support them.

3. You’re a true romantic

You might not want to admit, but in your heart, you’re a true romantic. There’s no stopping you in showing your love for that special person in your life. It’s easy to fall for your compliments and caring personality.

4. Living in the moment

Do you worry about the future a lot? Thinking about what you have to do the next day, the following week… If you’re born this month, you have the ability to more easily live in the moment and not stress about what’s coming in the future. You should utilize this trait to stay in the present – you’re very good at dealing with situations as they come so there’s no need to overthink it.

5. Manage to stay optimistic

You adapt easily and keep a positive mindset in most situations. You know when to move on from a situation that doesn’t benefit you and you’re flexible enough to try completely new approaches. By doing this you can look at the problem differently and find the best solution. Family and friends around you get inspired by your optimistic outlook and it helps them not losing hope.

6. You like competition

Because you’re goal-oriented and driven by succeeding in your career, you also tend to seek out competition in order to keep challenging yourself. You don’t hesitate when it comes to accepting a challenge, whether it’s big or small. Because of your determination, you also make a great leader.

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