6 Amazing traits for people with Alexandrite Birthstone

The beautiful alexandrite shifts in color from blue and red to purple. It was named after Russia’s Prince Alexander II since it was first discovered on his birthday back in the 1830s. The alexandrite birthstone is said to bring strength, joy and hope into your life, helping you in finding your own path that will lead you to fulfillment. It also serves a reminder that the only consistent thing in life is – change.

What characterizes someone born in the month of Alexandrite?

People with alexandrite birthstone tend to share a number of wonderful traits. Whether you choose to believe it or not, these six characteristics seem to be stronger in these people than in others. The positivity that the stone is said to bring into one’s life can also be seen in people born this month!

1. They use their sensitivity in a good way

Sensitivity is often viewed as a bad thing in our society, but we think it’s a valuable characteristic. People with alexandrite birthstone are in touch with their emotions and express their feelings in a healthy way. Bottling up your negative feelings can be one of the most destructive things for your own well-being as well as your relationships. These people can also easily sense what people around them are experiencing and will help them by being emotionally supportive.

2. They are creators

They often excel in creative activities. This could range from cooking, to drawing, writing, sculpturing, building, making music, or sewing. Their head is always full of ideas and they often spontaneously decide to put a new idea into action.  Never afraid to seem silly or weird, they simply act. People look up to them because they dare to go their own way, creating the life that they want instead of living the life that’s expected.

3. They always look stylish

With a natural sense of fashion, people with alexandrite birthstone always seem to manage to dress for the occasion. We envy them for being able to throw on what looks like a random assortment of clothing items, and yet making it look stylish and sophisticated.

4. They reach for the top

They want to be the very best. That means that they sometimes get upset and disappointed by failures and setbacks. Only the very finest things in life is good enough and they don’t give up – or stop, even when they reached the top. Because there’s always a higher mountain to climb.

5. They’re great at debating

People with alexandrite birthstone make good politicians because of their natural skills in debating. They truly enjoy talking for hours about the subjects that make them tick. Because of how determined they are, they don’t easily give in to the opinion of others and can keep talking until the other person give up on trying to convince them.

6. They make people laugh

With a great sense of humor, people born this month easily put a smile on faces around them. They are naturally hilarious and come up with the most imaginative, funny sayings. When surrounded by friends they challenge themselves in how hard they can make people laugh, always telling the best jokes.  

Wear the wonderful Alexandrite Birthstone

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