6 Traits for people born in December – Blue Topaz Birthstone

December marks the end of the year, but also the expectations leading up to a new one. The weeks leading up to Christmas are for many of us full of warm winter feelings, wit lit candles, hot drinks and present wrapping. Blue Topaz is the birthstone for people born this month. Its wintery, ice-blue color represents winter, but also the pure joys of life and what really matters to us.

If you’re born in December, you might have been called Christmas Child, and you might have the inconvenience of receiving both your birthday presents and your Christmas gifts very close together – but, you’re among the kindest people on earth. Here are six traits that might surprise you in how much they represent yourself or someone you know born this month…

1. December born people are wise

They seem to inherit a natural wisdom, ever since they were a child. Reading is a favorite hobby for many, and any ways of obtaining new information is exciting. Nobody can compete with the high concentration level that they have when it comes to focusing on learning.

2. They are practical and grounded

Hands-on is the best approach for someone born this month. They want to practice theory by practicing the real thing. They prefer reality over a fantasy world, although it doesn’t stop them from dreaming about their goals. But since they are strong enough to handle the bitter truth of life, they can handle everything that comes their way and stay grounded through every challenge.

3. They are the kindest, most generous people

What adds more purpose to life than helping other people? People born in the month of Blue Topaz recognize the importance of being kind to one another. They give generously, whether it’s a compliment, a helping hand or good advice. If you befriend them, you can rely on them always being there for you when times are tough.

4. They tend to be extremely organized

In order to stay focused, the December born prefer to keep things neat, organized and planned. They don’t enjoy a messy house, or a cluttered mind. Because of this, they make sure to clean regularly, write things down in their calendar, and organize every aspect of their life. Meditation is a good choice for them in order to keep a clear mind.

5. They make great teachers

Because of their natural wisdom and talent for learning, people born in December also tend to be the best at teaching others. With patience they share their great passion for whatever subject is to be taught. They have a way of correcting other’s mistakes and giving advice without ever sounding contemplating or bossy – perhaps because they always see the best in people.

6. They attract fortune

Some people claim there’s no such thing as luck, but success only comes from hard work and taking opportunities. Whether you believe luck is a thing or just a result of doing the work, December born people seem to be followed by fortune through life. It might be their natural kind and honest nature that attracts good things in life, or it might be their dedication. Either way, they’re often called “lucky” by others.

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