6 wonderful traits of people with Diamond birthstone

People who are born in the month of the diamond share many traits with this highly valued gemstone. It’s said that diamonds are invincible, and people with this birthstone often inherit that same inner strength. Every person is unique, but you probably recognize several of the great traits below if diamond is your birthstone…

1. Highly creative

People with diamond birthstone are born creative. Many famous actors, artists and musicians born this month have shown their talent already at a young age. They rarely feel bored and frequently come up with different plans, new hobbies and ways to express themselves.

2. Fearless and adventurous

Because they don’t like being bored, they tend to seek out daring adventures to venture on. If they’re not happy with something in their life, they make sure to change it for the better – never afraid of taking risks. Because of this, a person with diamond birthstone is always fun to be around and easily attracts fans that admire their spontaneous, daring nature.

3. Independent – yet extroverts

People born this month enjoy their alone time and don’t mind doing things on their own. In fact, they often prefer solitude. Despite this, the majority tend to lean towards being more extrovert than introvert. They enjoy being in the spotlight when hanging out with friends and make great conversations, unafraid to express their opinion.

4. The best friend and worst enemy

Sometimes they can come off as aggressive or brutally honest, but in reality, they’re sensitive people that show a big passion for everything they care about. They will stand up for their beliefs and are among the best friend you can have because of their natural honesty and fearlessness. They won’t let anyone mess with them or their friends, so it’s best to stay on their good side. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of it when they become provoked.

5. Amazing lovers

Someone born this month will not hold back their emotions when it comes to loving wholeheartedly. A heartbreak can hit particularly hard and it might take a long time before they get back on their feet, however, that won’t stop them from their fantastic ability to love passionately even in the future.

6. Constantly curious

They simply love to look for new information to satisfy their extreme curiosity. A person born this month wants to understand how things work and often develop an extensive knowledge of the different things in the world that interests them the most. Because of this, they often make great students, as long as the subject interests them – or they might decide that something else deserves their attention more…

7. They never give up

With the strength of a diamond, they relentlessly keep going, even through the toughest of times. Their stubbornness allows them to continue towards their goals when others might be giving up or quitting.

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