A guide to gemstones and flowers for each anniversary

There are a few ideas or traditions in what you should bring your loved one as an anniversary gift. Our opinion is of course that gemstone jewelry is the best of gifts to show your love and affection. It is beautiful to the eye, but the value goes much deeper than the aesthetics of the stone. Of course, we couldn’t just leave out all the flowers. A fresh bouquet of flowers puts a smile on anyone’s face, and they also represent different meanings and intentions.


  • 1st Anniversary: Gold & Carnation



    The first year is the honeymoon phase, the sweetest year of them all. Simple yet elegant jewelry in pure gold and a fresh bouquet of carnation is the way to begin a marriage. Beware, carnation comes in different colors, and the yellow one symbolizes disappointment and rejection.

  • 2nd Anniversary: Garnet & Lily of the Valley




    In the second year, the honeymoon fades. A more profound connection and love start to grow. No wonder garnet is the anniversary stone for the second year since it symbolizes strong love and romantic connection. The lily of the valley signifies happiness and devotion. Together they make a beautiful gift.


  • 3rd Anniversary: Pearls & Sunflower




    Pearl symbolizes wisdom gained through experience. And wiser you will get because loving each other and sharing a life will teach you a great deal about yourself, your partner and what life and love really mean. A sunflower is devoted to the sun, which makes the sunflower a symbol of devotion, loyalty, and constancy.


  • 4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz & Geranium



    Blue topaz is known as the stone of love and good fortune. It enhances forgiveness and brings joy to your life and relationships. The flower of the fourth anniversary is hydrangea and fits perfectly with blue topaz since they are both blue. Hydrangea symbolizes gratefulness and appreciation.

  • 5th Anniversary: Sapphire & Daisy



    The gemstone of the fifth anniversary is also blue but has a more intense shade. Sapphire helps you to communicate your thoughts and emotions. Communication is vital for a healthy and thriving relationship, and it is good to be reminded by this sometimes as the years go by. Daisy is the flower of the fifth year and is a symbol of purity and gentleness.


  • 6th Anniversary: Amethyst & Calla Lily




The amethyst is the gemstone of the sixth anniversary. This purple quartz will open up your heart to be able to give and to receive more love. Calla lily is a lovely flower and has the shape of a trumpet when in bloom. It symbolizes growth and reflection upon yourself and the relationship with your partner.


There are many more anniversaries to celebrate, and we are gonna guide you through all of them making sure you’ll get the right gemstone jewelry with the right flower. You will soon be able to read part two of this anniversary-series.




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