Adored by royalty for thousands of years – The story behind the precious emerald

This incredible gemstone the ancient Greeks named “smaragdos” meaning “green gem.” With time the word transformed and eventually, the stone got the name Emerald. It’s one of the most desired gemstones, and a fine emerald can be worth two to three times more than a diamond! It’s no surprise this stone has been worshiped for thousands of years of people and royalties.

The biggest gemstone ever found is an emerald

Emerald is a gemstone of the mineral beryl and is alongside diamond, ruby, and sapphire one of the four big ones. Unlike other precious gems, emerald is rather soft, on the Mohs scale, it ranks 7.5-8. It easily breaks, and therefore it takes skills to handle the stone `when setting it in a piece of jewelry.

Apart from diamond, it’s the most expensive gemstone. An emerald is valued more by its color than the clarity of it. The value depends on how vivid and pure the green color is. Valuable clear and flawless emeralds are very rare and only found in small sizes. However, the biggest gemstone ever found is an emerald. The 180,000-carat Bahia Emerald was discovered in 2001 in Brazil and weighed nearly 800 pounds! 

Adored for over 5000 years

The emerald is a gem with a rich history, and it has been a fascination for people for over 5000 years. Records from 4000 BC shows us that emeralds were sold in markets in the city of Babylon, and it’s mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The Incas worshiped the stone and Aristoteles thought it would help its owner in business and prevent epilepsy. The jewel has also been a favorite amongst royalties and other famous people. Cleopatra was a big fan of the stone, and Alexander the Great had a large emerald in his girdle. Emperor Nero is supposed to have found the emeralds green color so calming that he used the stone to look thru when watching gladiators fight. The legend says that the Holy Grail is fashioned from an emerald. The stone can also be found in many countries crown jewels.

What an emerald can do for you

It’s no surprise emeralds is called “the Stone of Successful Love.” It nurtures and opens the heart and the heart chakra, and because of its ability to insure security in love, it’s dedicated to the goddess Venus. The stone is supposed to provide you with good memory and to keep your mind in excellent shape.

Ever since emeralds were discovered, it has been used for its healing powers. All over the world, the gem has been said to cure different eye conditions. It could be grained into a powder and made into eye lotion. If your eyes were inflamed, you could wear an emerald ring on your little finger, and it would apparently cure your inflammation. Some people believed that if you stared into the green stone for a minute, it would help you heal from various diseases.

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