Aesthetic Animal Necklaces and Their Symbolisms

Ever wonder what your spirit animal is? Have you pictured yourself wearing that animal on you every day to show the world who you are and what exactly are you made of? If so, you might just find your answer here.

In this post, we have 3 different entries for you mystics and animal lovers. Check out these aesthetic animal necklaces and what they signify in the modern day.

Iridescent Dragonfly Necklace Silver (Garnet)

Main Stone : Garnet, with Emerald and Pink Tourmaline pieces (simulated) ; Pendant Size: 50.0mm x 45.0mm

Let’s start off with the Garnet Iridescent Dragonfly Silver Necklace. The pendant is shaped in the form of an “iridescent dragonfly”, which are gentle insects that just love to float around and dance in the summer breeze. The tail is decorated with two small pink tourmalines to help it stand out. And its wings are adorned with little pieces of emeralds, and the ornate embossed decorations around them further enhance the overall aesthetics. But the centerpiece of attraction is truly the large garnet stone that makes up the dragonfly’s body.

We particularly love how the deep red goes perfectly well with the lovely pink and the shimmering greens. This color combination gives life to the pendant, and is sure to be a show-stopper at any given time of the day.

What the Dragonfly Symbolizes

Let us first go through a bit of history lesson. This insect’s root name is Odonata, and this term originated from the Greeks, which means “tooth”. The Odonatas were once believed to have teeth due to the manner in which they crus and devour their prey, much like how a dragon would. This belief is then the reason behind the insect’s modern name — it is a modern dragon that dances through the air with its magnificent wings.

So what comes to your mind when you think of a dragon? You might think that it’s a dark, sinister or evil creature, which is a purely stereotypical idea. The dragon (and the dragonfly, for that matter) is actually believed to be a spiritual guide due to their powerful wings that allow them to gracefully glide through the air.

Apart from that, the dragonfly also signifies:

  • Maturity;
  • Change;
  • Spiritual connection;
  • Adaptability; and
  • Emotional well-being.

If a dragonfly crosses your path, be sure to remember these symbolisms. This insect is calling out to your spirit to make a huge change in a part of your life. Do not be afraid; instead, use this sign as an inspiration and a guide to where you want to go next and how you want to proceed.

All the same, if you are feeling lost and unaware of what you want to do with your life, you can call out to the spirit of dragonfly to help you make that decision and finally move forward.

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Miss Flutter Necklace (Sapphire)

Main Stone : Sapphire (simulated) ; Gem Size: 10mm x 12mm

The Sapphire Miss Flutter Necklace is sweet and straightforward: the pendant is composed of two elements, namely the butterfly pendant decorated with little diamond studs and the main gemstone just below it, almost as if the insect is carrying it. Bring home this little lovely gem now and start bedazzling in your fairy tale world.

What the Butterfly Symbolizes

In general, the butterfly symbolizes rebirth and transformation. It starts off as a small caterpillar and endures hardships and stillness just so it could eventually change into a seemingly whole new creature. Metamorphosis. This sends a message to us humans somewhere along the lines of “Work hard now and enjoy the benefits later.”

This transformation can also be interpreted as our humans’ ability to start all over again at any point in our lives. If you feel like the whole world is against you and there is no hope left, fret not, as things will get better in due time and you will emerge even stronger and more powerful than before.

In some parts of the world, the presence of a butterfly can signify that a deceased loved one coming to pay a visit, especially if the death happened recently. It could mean that said loved one is trying to send an undelivered message. Pay attention to the signs around you and allow yourself to loosen up and listen to what your surroundings has to say.

The butterfly can also symbolize:

  • Wealth and fortune;
  • Joy;
  • A healthy and long-lasting relationship;
  • Honor; and
  • Clarity of the mind and soul.

If your spirit animal is the butterfly, you might find yourself to be calm and collected at most times. This is a good thing, as you are able to think clearly amidst whatever dire situation that may be put upon you. It will also teach you to accept the naturally- and constantly-occurring changes in your life. Embrace changes and let it guide you to become the best version of yourself.

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Phoenix Wings Necklace Silver (Topaz)

Main Stone : Topaz (simulated) ; Pendant Size: 23.0mm x 28.0mm

Finally, we have the ever so beautiful Topaz Phoenix Wings Silver Necklace. Much like our previous entry, the pendant of this necklace is quite simple and really sends a quick message to the wearer’s audience. The Topaz Phoenix Wings Silver Necklace’s pendant is in the shape of the cross with a pair of phoenix wings, which can also be interpreted as that belonging to an angel. The topaz centerpiece portrays a source of the necklace’s overall sense of mystery and glamour.

What the Phoenix Symbolizes

Myths and ancient writings portray the phoenix as a glorious huge bird with wings of ember flames and eyes that pierce through the soul.¬†According to a post by What is my Spirit Animal, “The most commonly known writing about the Phoenix comes from the historian Herodotus in ancient Greece. He believed that the Phoenix originated in Ethiopia. It is described as a larger than life bird with spectacular feathers. The Phoenix beds itself in cypress branches where it waits for death. Sitting still, Phoenix creates fire and burns to ashes. Three days later, she emerges whole and immortal.”

Based from this story, many religious groups regard the phoenix as a symbol of resurrection, much like how Jesus Christ returned from the dead after spending three days in a cave. In other parts of the world, the phoenix is worshipped for its acclaimed ability to gift the soil with fertility. In the same article, in Egypt, the phoenix takes the form of Bennu, and this creature is said to preside over its people’s health and strength.

The phoenix also represents:

  • Divinity;
  • Renewal;
  • Safety;
  • Magic;
  • Sacredness;
  • Progression; and
  • Change.

The phoenix is said to ignite the flames within a person’s heart and soul, which is exactly what he or she would need to drive himself or herself towards change and ultimate transformation. If you think your spirit animal is this mythical creature, you are a passionate and graceful being that is not afraid to take on any challenge.


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Animal Necklaces from Kaylee Jackson

Mystic fans and simply animal lovers would definitely want to have at least one piece of fine animal jewelry in their collection. If you or a loved one are one of these types of people, then these necklaces are perfect for you. Add a touch of mystery to your look and dazzle anyone who dares to lay their eyes on you.

Which of these animal necklaces are your favorite? Does any one of them speak to you at a spiritual level? See the full collection of the loveliest animal necklaces by Kaylee Jackson HERE.

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