Are you aware that Peridot was actually Cleopatra’s favorite jewel?

Did You Know That Peridot Was Cleopatra’s Favorite Jewel?

Peridot is said to be the gem of the sun. No wonder Cleopatra had loads of them to bring brightness into the life of the Pharaoh. Some historians claim that it was emeralds, but it is more likely that the great collections of jewelry worn by Cleopatra were the beautiful olive green Peridot. The legend also says that these treasured gems were harvested at an island called Topazios infested with snakes. Often Peridot was referred to as Topaz or Topazios, an unworthy faith for this precious stone. The mining for Peridot began as early as 300 BC. You can even find Peridot in meteorites, believe it or not!

Tears of a goddess…

Often Cleopatra is pictured with the sun, so it’s no surprise that Peridot is associated with searching for the light in your life. Cleopatra wore the Peridot to ward of the evil spirits. Even in other cultures, Peridot has had a great meaning. In Hawaii, the small stones of Peridot that is washed up on the shore is thought to be the tears of Pele – the goddess of the elements. The small stones of Peridot are formed within the volcanos, a gem truly formed by earth and fire!

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Bringing a little Peridot in your life boosts your inner goddess. As the Peridot brings warmth and light into your life you will be sure the ancient healing effects of this fantastic gem will bring you closer to your goals. The Peridot will make even your ordinary life after work seem special!

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