Beautiful blue Sapphire is the stone of the heavens

Sapphire has always been associated with wisdom, royalty, good fortune and romance.

For centuries it has been a symbol of the heavens – in ancient Persia people used to believe that the sky was blue because of the reflection of sapphires!

A favorite among royalty

It is believed to bring joy, prosperity, fulfillment and inner peace to those who wear it. The stone has been worn by royalty since a thousand years ago, thought to protect them from harm as well as bringing luck. King Solomon was one of many royalties who wore a sapphire ring.

Today the gemstone is still regarded just as beautiful. Amongst or modern royalties we have seen Princess Diana wear a sapphire engagement ring, which now has been passed on to Princess Catherine.

Attract positivity to your life

With this crystal close to your skin, you will become more patient thanks to the warm and loving energies that it radiates. Its presence attracts positivity and love to your life. This positive energy will improve your relationships and help you deal with problems and emotions. It will allow you to use the knowledge that is hidden inside your heart, so that you can achieve what you truly desire!

The stone will also help you to become compassionate to yourself. Because the truth is, you must love yourself before you can truly love someone else. Sapphire makes you let go of all the thoughts and feelings that stop you from experiencing the happiness that you deserve.

Make your dreams into reality – browse our collection of Sapphire jewelry

When you this blue stone of the heavens you will feel your true inner beauty come out. If you’re looking to add a royal touch to your life and at the same time feel the loving warmth from this gemstone – go ahead and buy your favorite sapphire jewelry from our collection.

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