Best gemstones for Peace of Mind, Confidence and Self-empowerment

There are so many beautiful gemstones out there, all with different meaning and characteristics. It’s not easy to keep track of them all, but we have chosen a few stones that are especially beneficial for your peace of mind and confidence, as well as finding love and making love last. It’s incredible what our planet provides for us, both in beauty and spiritual guidance.

Peace of mind, Confidence and Self-empowerment


The precious sapphire gem stimulates the Throat chakra and the chakra of the Third Eye. The two chakras can help you immensely when opened up since they go both ways. Meaning that the chakra of the Third Eye connect you with your intuition and enables you to see clearly within to reach insights in different aspects of life. Meanwhile, the Throat chakra lifts your ability to express your thoughts and feelings, not only in a verbal manner but also to express yourself creatively. The sapphire has a deep blue color resembling the depth of consciousness it will help you reach.


This mystical gem works as a protective charm against mental och emotional suffering.  The topaz gem also helps with healing physical pain. Our mind and body connect strongly with each other, and an imbalance in any of the two can easily affect each other. With such a colorful gem you could use with many different colors or as a contrast in an all-black outfit.


This semi-precious gem is a favorite amongst many people. It brings tranquility and promotes clarity in thought. Amethyst soothes your anger and anxiety and enables your ability to reason. It also brings you luck, and a little luck is always welcome, right? The gemstone comes in different shades of purple and enhances any style of your preference.

Love and lasting relationships


This pretty gem helps emotional recovery and gives you the courage not only to love again – but to accept love coming towards you. It opens your heart and nurtures self-love. Tourmaline enhances the perception of pheromones since it strengthens your sense of smell. Wich can help you on a more subconscious level to find love. Everyone looks pretty in pink, if you don’t trust it yourself, give it a go!


Garnet is the ultimate gemstone for long-lasting love. It is a symbol of permanence and stability. This means, as you probably are thinking – that it must strengthen the romantic connection with your partner and help to retain the passion and desire towards one another. Appropriately enough the color is an intense and deep shade of red.




This is a stone that encourages you to live through your heart. It reinforces compassion towards others but also yourself and attracts romantic love when you wear it close to your heart. This is a stone with a beautiful shade of green and goes well both darker outfits and white garments.

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2 thoughts on “Best gemstones for Peace of Mind, Confidence and Self-empowerment”

  1. You have sent the second setof aquamarine and sapphire which I only order one of each l need a return label please so that I can return the rings the set I’m keeping are exquisite as are my garnets.please return the money to my credit card. Thank you my friends love your jewelry!

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