Care Tips for Your Gold Jewelry

So, I hear that you have just purchased (or are at least expecting) a new Gold Kaylee Jackson jewelry?! Or are you only here for a morning stroll around the Blog section?

In any case, you’re already here, and you are probably looking for tips on how you can take good care of your newly acquired treasure and have it last a lifetime — and if I may say so, you came to the right place!

Today, we at Kaylee Jackson are going to teach you how you can properly care for and handle your precious Gold jewelry… but first, let’s have a little trivia: what does it take for a jewelry to be called true, pure gold?

Pure Gold Jewelry

Pure gold jewelry means that your piece of jewelry is composed of 24 karats of gold. Anything less than this would mean that your treasure is mixed with a variety of other metals and alloys, although this isn’t necessarily such a bad thing.

Should you choose PURE gold jewelry above all? We would say no — gold is a highly malleable metal, meaning it is easy to deform. If you’re not careful with your jewelry and have a subconscious tendency to carelessly put it away wherever you feel like it, you might end up finding your supposed treasure bent or even broken.

In fact, it can even be suggested that pure gold jewelry should only be used as an occasional accessory and not something that you should wear every single day. See, there is beauty in rarity, after all!

Chlorine — Gold’s Worst Enemy

Wait… nooooo! Don’t you DARE dive into that pool with your gold jewelry on!

If you must know, the pools that we like to swim around in are lined with chlorine — this substance acts as the water’s disinfectant, guarding us against disease-causing bacteria, viruses and germs. Even if you do own a private pool, remember that it is still exposed to the outside environment, which is obviously home to tons and tons of airborne pathogens.

That said, you must always, ALWAYS, keep chlorine out of your gold jewelry for the sole purpose that this chemical weakens the metal’s structure, making it more and more prone to breakage. If you’re having a day off with your girls, it’s best to not take your gold jewelry with you — unless you’re the type who just wants to flaunt them without even thinking about its health!

Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

Okay, but why take care of your gold jewelry in the first place? We all know the answer to this — because we want to get the most out of what we paid for, of course!

Nah, we’re kidding. It’s not like all of you who are reading this actually went out and bought a piece of jewelry for yourself; no, some were given to us by a special person in our life, and we want to reciprocate their feelings by valuing their gifts and making them last a lifetime.

So, without further ado, here are some caring tips for your precious, precious gold jewelry.


An article by the Jewelers Mutual Group mentioned a simple method to clean your gold jewelry:

  1. Mix a bit of Dawn dish detergent in warm, not hot, water.
  2. Add a few drops of ammonia.
  3. Carefully brush with a new, baby-size soft toothbrush.
  4. Place in lukewarm water to rinse.
  5. Air dry or carefully towel-dry with paper towel or regular cloth.

Remember: gold is a soft metal. Be gentle during the brushing and drying processes.

Another thing to take note of is that you should be careful when choosing cleaning substance alternatives when caring for your gold jewelry. Gold jewelries are also prone to tarnishing, and there may be unknown chemicals mixed in with your cleaning substance. Any gentle soap will probably do (since your jewelry will not be soaked in it for too long, anyway), although you might just want to take your ring or any other accessory off before bathing to be sure.


Have you decided on an outfit yet for your big night? Great! How about your hair and makeup? Awesome, it looks like you’re almost ready to go!

So, you decided to bring along your precious gold jewelry. Okay, no problem, just make sure to get yourself fully prepared first before putting them on. That’s right; apply your lotion, deodorant, makeup and everything before you wear your jewelry. This minimizes its chance of being exposed to chemical build-ups, dirt and dust and even your natural body oil, thus further preserving its beauty and radiance — just in time for your own big reveal in the venue!


Your (or maybe your loved one’s) wallet is probably too tired and weary from your most recent purchase; how else could you pay for polishing once it starts to look a little dull?! Well, not to worry — here’s a special money-wise tip for you!

According to an article by Jewelry Auctioned,

“To polish gold jewelry at home, use baking soda. Simply douse a light coat of baking soda over your jewelry, pour a dash of vinegar on top and rinse with clean water.

It’s important to note, this method is not safe for gold jewelry containing precious gemstones or pearls, as the baking soda will damage the finish.”

(Sorry, Kaylee Jackson fans! It looks like this tip won’t probably work on our gemstone jewelry! Although, there are still some cleaning substances specifically for gold jewelry that are readily available on the market, so unless your jeweler has anything better to suggest, these chemicals are the ones that you should be on the lookout for.)


As always, it is always best to use a jewelry box when storing your gold jewelry. If unavailable, you could wrap them in non-abrasive fabrics such as that which is being used to clean your smart phone screens. Moreover, if without a proper storage area, do store them individually so as to prevent them from getting tangled or constantly colliding with each other (as this may easily cause scratches or dents).

Gold Jewelry by Kaylee Jackson

Yep, we get it: gold jewelry can be a bit boring to some (we don’t mean to offend, though!); nowadays we are seeing it almost everywhere we look. It’s not like the sterling silver is any different, though. It’s just that it can provide a sense of refreshment, and the simple yet elegant silver undoubtedly looks good on any outfit, too!

That is exactly why it is important for you to take proper care of your Gold jewelry — new or old. Even the simplest things such as storing them in the right places can help bring out the best of its luster and prevent its beauty from dying in an accelerated rate. If you must take away something from this post, it’s that chlorine is the one thing that you should never let near your gold jewelry. If you want it to last a lifetime and be passed down to future generations, invest your time and effort in it now and do whatever it takes to preserve its beauty and elegance.

If you or any special person has a thing for gold, check out our huge collection of the most beautiful gold jewelry by clicking on this link HERE.

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  1. Reading the information on caring for gold was a good eye-opened as to what to use and what not to do. What the best thing to use for keeping my gold jewelry without ruining it. Thanks for the information. Very helpful.

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