Elegant Jewelry as Gift Ideas for Women 2020

Need a gift idea for a special woman in your life?

You have probably heard of the phrase “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Well, diamonds are indeed a brilliant gift idea for women, and are widely available at almost every corner of the world. However, the fact of the matter is that these gems can be very expensive, with their price tags hugely dependent on carat, clarity, and many other factors.

If you feel you are not up for the financial challenge, there are many other alternatives that she will love jut as much. One of these is an elegant jewelry made out of different precious gemstones. And to make your gift more meaningful, you can add a personal touch to your gift by selecting a piece of jewelry with the recipient’s birth stone.

If you are unfamiliar with which gemstone is associated with every birth month, here is a simple guide:

  • January — Garnet
  • February — Amethyst
  • March — Aquamarine
  • April — Diamond
  • May — Emerald
  • June — Alexandrite
  • July — Ruby
  • August — Peridot
  • September — Sapphire
  • October — Opal / Pink Tourmaline
  • November — Topaz
  • December — Blue Topaz

Why Send Elegant Jewelry?

Babies (and puppies) grow up, food gets consumed in no time, and flowers will wilt over time. But jewelries are everlasting. In fact, you can think of it as an investment for your lovely girl. One can wear it for as many times as they like and no one would even criticize their repetitive choice of accessories. Besides, the truly valuable ones can be passed down from one generation to another and treated as a family heirloom, and this only further increases its value.

And speaking of everlasting, jewelries may just as might send a specific message to your loved one. After all, nothing says “forever” better than a fine piece of ring!

And as earlier mentioned, jewelries can be personalized. Some jewellers even offer engraving services, giving you the opportunity to add a special message, date, name or any other phrase especially for the receiver.

Forms of Jewelry

Jewelries come in a variety of forms, not just the typical trio of earrings, necklaces and rings. And sophisticated woman should know and have a handful of options that they can mix and match to glam up their outfits. With the right combination and their taste for elegant jewelry, they should be able to catch anyone’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

Listed below are only some of the world’s most popular forms of jewelry.


Necklaces are worn on the neck and are used in the modern times to accentuate the wearer’s neck to chest area. In general, necklaces symbolize wealth, power and beauty. Necklaces are widely popular in the field of religion, magic and witchcraft and folklore.


Lightweight and compact, earrings are the most popular form of jewelry across the globe. They come in pairs and in different shapes and sizes — from dangles, buttons, studs loops and more. Just as its name implies, earrings are worn around different areas of the ear. However, throughout time, earrings have been pierced to various areas of the body for fashion, ritual, and many other purposes.


Known as the deal sealer, a ring is a circular band worn around the finger as an ornament most notably for marriage, engagement and other rituals. Modern media portrays rings as a source of magical and authoritarian power.

Other variations of rings include toe rings and nose rings, worn on the toe fingers and pierced on the nose, respectively. These types of rings bear little to no meaning, except that they are used as part of a fashion trend.


According to an excerpt from a post by Thread Curve, “The term ‘bracelet’ is derived from the Greek work known as ‘brachile’ which means of the arm. Bracelets are worn around the wrist and may serve different uses. Many types of bracelets are used as ornaments, identification, decoration, religious or cultural significance, and many more, depending on the different cultures around the world. They can contain charms, crystals, metal, plastic hoops, pearls, rocks, jewels, wood, and many other materials.”


Anklets are simply a variation of bracelets, only this type of jewelry is worn on the ankle. Anklets are popular in India and are not just considered as beauty ornaments, but are also highly important to their culture. Thus, they are frequently worn during wedding ceremonials.


Brooches are not only captivating; they are used to hold garments together, thus making them functional, too. They are decorative pieces of jewelry attached to pieces of clothing, and are therefore purposely decorated with a number of gemstones and formed into stunning shapes. Some appear to be flowers, butterflies, or simply a combination of a large gem and some small ones.

Hair Pins

Hair pins are long pieces of jewelry used to hold hairstyles together. This beautiful ornament may symbolize wealth and power and is meant to captivate a huge audience. It is considered to be a luxury item during the Roman, Egyptian and Greek civilizations. Hair pins usually go with other types of hair ornaments to elevate the look of the wearer.


Chokers are closely-fit necklaces that can also be worn by men to highlight the neck and cheekbone areas. They are crafted with a variety of materials, including plastic and metal, with velvet being the most popular one.


Make your amazing woman the literal queen of the night and give her a fancy tiara on her special day. Today, tiaras are worn on formal events and goes exceptionally great with a white outfit or a long gown. Even in modern times, a tiara can be treated as a symbol of high status and are greatly associated with royalty.

Kaylee Jackson’s Elegant Jewelry

Here at Kaylee Jackson, we offer a huge collection of elegant jewelry that is sure to make a pretty woman feel truly loved and appreciated. Special events only come a few times a year, so every once in a while, it is not a bad idea to spoil her and treat her to something that she will definitely love.

Are you in need of a gift idea for a special woman in your life? Browse our shop now and enjoy huge discounts and amazing offers that are budget friendly yet captivating and everlasting.


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