Everything You Need To Know About The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra or Anahata as the name is in Sanskrit is the fourth chakra of the traditional seven chakras. It is located right in the center of the chest, and it has the color green, but it could also be the color pink. The element of Anahata is air and is associated with breathing, spaciousness, and the connection with all things around us.

The heart chakra is also associated with the heart, of course, and also the lungs. It connects the lower chakras with the lower chakras. With an open and healthy heart chakra, we are open to give and receive love, we are more accepting and understanding of others as well as ourselves.

  • Key Characteristics:
  • Love for oneself and others
  • Acceptance and forgiveness (oneself and others)
  • Empathy
  • Awareness and insights

Imbalanced Heart Chakra

If the heart chakra is blocked or overactive, it means it’s out of balance. It can put relationships on the line, and it weakens the connection with our true selves. There are many things to do that can heal the heart chakra and keep the balance.

Blocked Heart Chakra

When experiencing a blocked heart chakra it’s easy to feel closed down, maybe you see yourself as a victim in many situations, and you isolate yourself. It’s hard for people to connect with you, and for you to connect with them. You don’t trust your own judgment very much.

Overactive Heart Chakra

The overactive heart chakra is a bit of the opposite of when it’s blocked. In this case, you may be overly defensive, feel really jealous and holding on to grudges. You may put yourself in the role of the savior, but with an overactive chakra, you could also victimize yourself a lot.

Heal Your Heart Chakra

No matter how out of balance your heart chakra may seem, there is always a way to balance it up again. It just demands more or less time, energy, and patience from your side. Maybe it’s not necessary for you to do all of the steps below, you can combine or fit them in your daily or weekly routine any way you like.

Gemstones for your heart chakra

It’s pretty easy to find gems for all of the different chakras, even if the chakras have some stones that work better you can actually go by color! For the heart chakra, you can use for example pink tourmaline or the emerald, since the heart chakra is associated with both pink and green.

Just wearing the gems in jewelry does a lot, and don’t forget to put them on
when you are meditating!

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