Gift of the month: Aquamarine

There are many reasons why aquamarine jewelry is a beautiful gift. It is gorgeous, it is the birthstone of March, and it has many characteristics that will be of great benefit for the person who receives it. Aquamarine is first and foremost a stone for travelers and for married or soon to be married couples, and of course for anyone born in March.

Traveler’s stone

Aquamarine has since ancient times been associated with good luck and protection on travels of all kinds, but especially when traveling by boat. If someone close to you is going on a journey, a piece of jewelry is an ideal gift to bring. Not only will this stone protect your friend, but every time he or she looks at it, they will remember that certain point in time when they received this heartwarming gift from you.


Long-lasting love

Aquamarine is actually the luckiest charm for a bride. In other words, if you are planning to propose to your loved one, an engagement ring with aquamarine is the perfect one. This stone brings luck and evokes feelings of love and trust. An engagement ring like this is something to be passed on to future generations…

Birthstone of March

Since aquamarine is the birthstone of March, naturally it is a perfect gift to anyone born in March! If you want to treat your partner, your child or a friend with something extraordinary – a piece of jewelry with the lovely aquamarine is the way to go.

3 thoughts on “Gift of the month: Aquamarine”

  1. Barbara Gillard

    I’m interested in the aquamarine which is my birth store and my two daughters and my grand daughter.

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