Gift of the month – Emerald



There is no other gemstone more fit to be the birthstone of May! The vibrant green color of the gem matches the vibrant greenery that May brings us.

Emerald – a gem of passion

If you have a friend, a loved one or a close relative that seems to be a bit lost in life; the emerald gemstone is a perfect gift. The gem has a way of guiding its owner to find their passion. It can both revive the passion for something that has been forgotten as well as help finding a new one. Sometimes we may think that we need to restore a lost passion when we actually are in need to explore new things. It could be a passion for an interest/hobby, a job or a person.

Emerald – enhance self-esteem

The emerald stone is also a perfect gift for young girls. Being a teen is difficult in many ways, and we all need a bit of support. So much is changing, and we are more than ever trying to figure out who we are. The emerald helps young girls to realize their self-worth, and it guides them to reach the insight that they are just fine, the way they are.

In our shop, you’ll find absolutely stunning jewelry with the emerald gemstone. Choose amongst earrings, rings, and pendants in different styles, silver or gold. There are also matching sets of jewelry, which are perfect for special occasions when you want to stand out a bit, without it being too much.

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