Gorgeous Peridot Necklaces to Brighten Your Day

With its elegant glimmer and unique green shade, there’s no denying that a Peridot can brighten anyone’s day. It can literally be worn anywhere in the human body, but in our personal opinion, it would shine the brightest when worn around the neck. Simple and straightforward — one look at the wearer and you will instantly see it in all its glory, perfectly positioned just above the chest.

And why not? Necklaces are one type of jewelry that is really comfortable to wear. They are also lightweight for surface area — unlike earrings, which you can easily lose sight of if you’re not too careful with them. Just let it dangle around your neck and you’re all good to go!

If you wish to know more about the wonders of the Peridot, you can click on this link to read a few facts and maybe even have potential ice breakers. But today in this post, we are going to showcase some of the most elegant Peridot necklaces that you can add to your collection or simply use to captivate an audience.

Check out these gorgeous Peridot necklaces by yours truly, Kaylee Jackson.

Athena Necklace Silver (Peridot)

Metal : Solid 925 stamped Sterling Silver
Stone Size: 27.8mm x 16.4mm
Product Total weight : about 3.62g

Elegance meets complexity in the Silver Athena Peridot Necklace. This beauty sends off a somewhat Victorian vibe with its intricate design and glamour. Top everything off with a Peridot gemstone and the wearer is all set to stand above the crowd. Speaking of which, did you know that Athena is the goddess of war? She was a brave and fierce warrior, ready to take on anyone who dare gets in her way.

RRP: Today: $54.95Add to cart

Chic Necklace Gold (Peridot)

Metal : 14kt Gold, Solid 925 Sterling Silver Core
Pendant Size: 18.0mm x 26.0mm
Product Total weight : about 3.62g

If you or a special girl are into something simple yet sweet, the Gold Chic Peridot Necklace is by far our most minimalistic necklace yet. The pendant is basically a pair of rings entwined to form a sort of chain — nothing says “forevermore” better than this! The necklace is further personalized with a pair of lovely Peridot gemstones, so if you want to surprise an August baby, this is the perfect gift for them!

Send this item to a loved one today and add this beautiful necklace to your cart now.

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This product also comes in 925 stamped Sterling Silver. Click HERE to view product.

Ethereal Necklace Silver (Peridot)

Metal : Solid 925 stamped Sterling Silver
Stone Size: 27.1mm x 11.9mm
Product Total weight : about 3.62g

If you are not so into spherical pendants, then the Silver Ethereal Peridot Necklace might just be the one you’re looking for. Now, I know what you’re thinking: it looks just like the Athena pendant! Yes and no. This time, we have an elongated pendant, which might be a good touch if you wish to accentuate your neck and chest area.

Fun fact: Ethereal means delicate and/or light. We can translate this as something that represents one’s carefree nature and total bliss. Does this sound like you or a lady you know? Add this piece to your cart now!

RRP: Today: $63.95Add to cart

Heartfelt Necklace Silver (Peridot)

Metal : Solid 925 stamped Sterling Silver
Stone Size: 27.5mm x 15.1mm
Product Total weight : about 4.26g

It should be pretty obvious right now — this necklace is the best gift idea for declaring your love to an August lady. The Silver Heartfelt Peridot Necklace’s pendant is, of course, in the shape of a heart. Can you imagine receiving this piece any time soon? Make it remind you of you and your loved one’s sweet memories and joyful moments together.

Are you reading this on the month of February? This could also be a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea, because nothing says “I love you” better than hearts and candy kisses.

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Lure Necklace Silver (Peridot)

Metal : Solid 925 stamped Sterling Silver
Pendant Size: 11.2mm x 11.2mm
Product Total weight : about 5.78g

Let’s take a peak at something different from the pieces we’ve previously took a closer look at. Imagine yourself being the French girl waiting to be painted by the love of her life. Does that sound familiar? Well, we have here the Silver Heartfelt Peridot Necklace, which looks a bit similar to the one in that famous movie, only instead of the deep blue shade, we have a lovely olive. This necklace showcases a more intimate design, perfect for “luring that special someone straight into your arms”.

RRP: Today: $54.95Add to cart

Soleil Necklace Gold (Peridot)

Metal : 14kt Gold, Solid 925 Sterling Silver Core
Stone Size: 18mm x 13mm
Product Total weight : about 3.62g

The Gold Soleil Peridot Necklace features a simple yet elegant and fashionable design. The chain and the pendant are joined together by a simple loop, and the gemstone itself is held by a thin frame so as to maximize the appearance of the Peridot at a glance. And what better way to highlight that lustrous green but with a dashing gold? If you want a necklace that is soft to the eyes yet is a surefire breath taker, don’t hesitate; the Gold Soleil Peridot Necklace is the perfect fit for you.

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This product also comes in 925 stamped Sterling Silver. Click HERE to view product.

Stunner Necklace Silver (Peridot)

Metal: Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Total Weight (approx): 5g
Pendant Size: 1.3cm x 2.6cm

Finally, we have our most popular piece in this collection of some of the most gorgeous Peridot necklaces around: the Silver Stunner Silver Necklace. This is just one gemstone out of 13; just think about how thousands and thousands of people all over the world LOVE this collection’s style! Marle Fox, a verified loyal Kaylee Jackson customer, even got this ring as a present for her daughter on her wedding day. SWEET!

The large gemstone of this necklace is an easy attention-grabber, perfect for formal events or gatherings. Can you imagine yourself stunning a large audience? That is exactly what the STUNNER necklaces guarantee!

RRP: Today: $54.95Add to cart

This product also comes in 14kt Gold, Solid 925 Sterling Silver Core. Click HERE to view product.

Peridot Necklaces by Kaylee Jackson

Ladies born in August are brimming with confidence, and are undoubtedly both physically and mentally strong. And what better way to express this and let the world know than a lovely piece of jewelry hanging around your neck, ready for anyone who dares to lay their eyes on you?

Necklaces are a perfect addition to your jewelry collection, especially if you wish to wear something comfortable and one that acts as the centerpiece of any outfit. And with the gorgeous green shade of the Peridot, it’s undoubtable that all heads will turn (and possibly even bow down to your beauty!).

Click on this link to view our full collection of the most beautiful Peridot necklaces.

3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Peridot Necklaces to Brighten Your Day”

  1. Thanks. They’re lovely but I’m no longer wearing necklaces due to have to wear a nasal cannula 24/7 to deliver oxygen for breathing, as it blocks necklace view. I love the ring I purchased but don’t need anything more. Thanks again. O.

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