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Based on 7047 reviews

Thank you so much it's absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️

The Fairy Tale

As a lady of possible noble ancestry,I have fallen in love with the Stunner Ring Silver Plated Amethyst!!! The lacy silver work of the setting is evocative of royalty & is exquisite to look at!!! I can sit & look at this for hours, & resting atop is a mammoth purple jewel that captures the light, from different angles, reminding me of the illusive yet hypnotic nature of deadly passionate romance!!! I feel like a real woman when wearing my Kaylee Jackson jewelry, & I am adorned with compliments, from loved ones & strangers alike, every place I go!!! The nifty part is that as Kaylee Jackson creations are deadly affordable, I can be an average jill, walking down the street, & receive the respect & favour usually only lavished upon only nobility of the highest!!! I love it!!! Thank you, Darling Kaylee Jackson, for a jewel of joy!!! Looking forward to further discovering your gorgeous & amazing selection!!!


I waited many years to find an amethyst ring I had to have as it is my birthstone. This ring is it. The amethyst is just the right size and is set off beautifully by the diamonds that surround it. I love the deep, rich purple of the amethyst itself. Thank you for creating the ring I’ve searched for for years.


I am well satisfied with all of my jewelry coming from Kaylee Jackson. You have gained a wonderful customer. I give you guys a Five Star, I have ordered four rings from you and are very very happy with my merchandise. Again thank you Kaylee Jackson for making such great jewelry.


I absolutely love my sapphire ring. Fits perfectly, ands absolutely gorgeous.

Adore Ring Gold (Peridot)
Lenetta Lankford
I just love my ring 💍💍 just beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Your company is the best and I shall be ordering again soon have a good day ♥️♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯

I love this ring

It is my birthstone color and I love it and I won't take it off.

😍 lovely

This is my 2nd ring from them and I keep on loving them ...really great to have transaction with you guyz! Very professional...more power and Godbless!
Keep safe everyone!
Can even wait to come home to try it!

Stunner Ring Gold (Garnet)
Denise Gutierrez
Garnet Gold Ring

My husband was skeptical about ordering this ring - he thought it would cheap looking, well he took a chance and I am telling you it is absolutely stunning. When he gave it to me for our 24th wedding anniversary I cried as it is my birthstone and I always wanted one. I wear it everywhere I go and I get so many compliments.
Thank you

Finally, my birthstone ring!

It's such a beautiful ring. I was so happy when it finally came. Also, it looks gorgeous on my finger and fits perfectly. Thanks, Kaylee Jackson jewelry!

I love my ring♥️ thanks

Birthstone ring

LOVE MY RING!!! Looks GREAT! FITS GREAT!, Everyone that's seen it loves it too!

Beautiful ring

I was pleasantly surprised. The ring is absolutely high quality and beautiful.

Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine is my birthstone. I think I have 6 aquamarine rings, but this one is my favorite!!

Peridot Ring

I was so excited when my ring arrived. It’s my daughter’s birthstone. Since she’s my only child, I wear it as my “Mother’s ring”. I LOVE it!!

Beautiful Blue Topez

Love this ring. Can't wait to wear it out. Looks expensive. Very good quality.

Perfect Ring

Just absolutely beautiful 😍 Thank you so much

Queue Jump
Lori Bennett
Birthstone Ring

This ring is stunning! I love its flush setting, stones set shoulder to shoulder. The green is the most beautiful olive color against the sterling silver.
I have only one concern... the shank stones are somewhat rigid which can cause the side to irritate your other fingers alongside it. Otherwise the nicest yet I've purchased!

Beautiful and gorgeous ring

I love my new Peridot flower ring, I am so happy with it. Nice birthday present to me, and I received it on my birthday! Which was even more awesome!
Thank you 😊
You have a loyal customer here,
Debra Hansen

Ring with fire topaz

I love this stone and I like design this ring also. This store has an excellent selection of jewelry for every type and reasonable prices.

I love the Ring

I Love This Ring so much because it's my birthday stone sapphire that why I love it...

Silver peridot ring

I love my ring. It fits perfectly. It just looks so beautiful on. This ring will be passed on in the family to my beautiful August granddaughter. I also purchased the matching necklace which is also lovely. Thanks Kaylee.

I love my rig

Love my ring

I have wanted a birthstone ring most of my 71 years. I finally decided to order this Alexandrite for myself. I was not disappointed. This is a beautiful ring and I am thrilled.


My duchess fits so beautifully. I just cant believe how beautiful it is im speechless. Thank you so much

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