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...and here are nearly 2000 reviews from real customers

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Based on 1661 reviews
gorgeous earrings and ring

I got both the earrings and the matching ring. When I opened the boxes they took my breath away, They are even prettier than the rings I have purchased in the past, and I thought the they were beautiful. I haven't had a chance to wear them yet and I can't wait! Thanks!

Gold Amethyst Soleil earrings

I love my gold amethyst earrings. I also bought the gold amethyst necklace to go with it. This could get addictive! REVIEWEMC15

Emerald ring

Emerald ring is a birthday gift to my daughter. Perfect fit, perfect style and a great price. I have purchased other jewelry from for my daughters and they still wear their necklaces from a Christmas purchase. I will continue to purchase jewelry because the quality is beautiful


ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Aquamarine Stunner Ring, Pendant, and Earrings! GREAT Color, Substantial Size...came in about 10-15 days! Due to our “Shelter In Place” orders...I haven’t wore it out...but can’t wait!


Love everything about my ruby stone ring should have ordered a size 9 instead, no problem will be wearing it on my middle finger, this ring makes me feel and look like I have money can't wait for this nasty COVID 19 virus to be a thing of the past so I can flaunt my ruby stone ring!!!

Gold Soleil earrings and necklace

I love my gold Soleil earrings and necklace!!!😍 I would have liked the necklace chain to be a bit longer, but otherwise I am HAPPY!

Aquamarine ring

The aquamarine ring is absolutely beautiful. It’s better in person. The delivery was very fast. Next purchase will be the sapphire and topaz. Thank you Kaylee for making these beautiful rings.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

It’s stunning, every time I wear it I get lovely comments. Looks a lot more expensive than it costs. Thank you Kaylee Jackson


I received The Duchess (Alexandrite) ring today. WOW - what a beautiful ring. The band is very nice and doesn't feel light. It's a sturdy ring. Definitely real silver (I wasn't sure what I was going to get lol).

It's so so pretty and buetifull to wear

Was so excited to receive my ring! I love it and its so beautiful as well as unusual. The stone is just so unique. I hope others will choose this stone because they will love it as much as I do.

Perfect just love it!
Ordered another one in diamond today...

Since I received the ring, I've worn it every day. The setting is beautiful. I've never seen a dark Alexandrite. That's what caught my eye. And I appreciate all the trouble you went to to get me the correct size.

I just received it today, it’s pretty

I think I like the Soleil better than the first ring I ordered this year, and I simply love that ring!

I love it. It was a present to myself as my birthday is on St. Patrick's day.

I took a chance and order this ring I love it so much in fact I ordered one for my niece. Hope she will enjoy hers as much as I do mine.

I love all that I got so far

I was just about to reverse the charges on my credit card because it took soooo looonnnggg to get delivered.
I did receive it and I put it on and it fits & looks great !!
I haven’t taken it off for days .
Glad it finally got here.
I am very satisfied with the quality for the price.

Finally had the opportunity for wear them last night and they are stunning, my husband loved them on me. I usually wear gold hoops but my new earrings compliment my skin tone and face shape. I will be buying them in Amethyst next.

It came it is beautiful. I want earrings

Very happy.Not disappointed.got it in memory of my mom.my birth stone but my mom was my PRINCESS. 2/28.got it befor b.d.YA.

So pretty! Pictures online do not do them justice. I am sold on this line!

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