How do I measure my ring size?


When going to a store to buy yourself a dress for a Friday night cocktail party, you can always try out different shapes and colors to find the perfect match. You can try out more than just a new style. You can also try different sizes of the same dress just to see which ones fit the best. Even if you know that you’re a size 8 or a 10, different stores and brands can vary in sizes. This makes it particularly difficult to buy online. And shopping online for jewelry is the same. 

Why is this important?


It´s not really easy or practical to order home ten rings in all different shapes, colors and sizes just to try to find the perfect fit and then send the other nine back to the online store.

That’s why it’s better for everyone involved, it’s better if you can easily measure your ring size from the comfort of your home.

If you´re not sure about your ring size, use our easy, quick and simple methods to measure your finger and prepare for finding Mr. Right.


The ruler way 


If you already have a nice ring at home that fits you perfectly but you don´t know the size of it, the ruler way is your way. All you need is a ruler and the ring. Remember the measure on the INSIDE circle of the ring and not the outside. Now you know that a ring diameter of 15,2 mm is a size 4,5, 18,2 mm is an 8 and 23 mm sharp is a size 14. How do you know these numbers?
Just look in the chart further down in this text!


Paper or string method


On the other hand, if you don’t have a ring to measure but a special ring Kaylee Jackson has caught your eye. Instead of using a ruler, you can use a paper strip or a string.

Just cut a piece of paper, 3 to 4 inches long and wrap it around your finger where you want to have the sparkling new ring. Take a pen and mark where the ends overlap each other. Lay the paper or string flat and measure its length in millimeters. Use our chart below to translate your millimeters into a size number.


Now when you know your ring size, find the perfect ring!


Finally, no matter if you have an old ring to measure from or if you have used a paper or string to figure out your ring size, you´re ready to buy jewelry made from a dazzling piece of 925 Sterling Silver. Check out our webshop here and take a look at our most beautiful and popular ring collection.



Ring Size 5 6 7 8 8,5 9 10 12 14
Paper Length mm 49,3 51,8 54,4 56,9 58,2 59,5 62,1 67,2 72,3
Ring Diameter mm 15,6 16,45 17,3 18,2 18,6 19,0 19,8 21,4 23,0


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