How our Jewelry is made

Creating a piece of our jewelry

So, how do we make these fantastic pieces of art that we all love to wear? Well, we have to keep track of two processes involved.

First of is processing the gem that will become the crown of the jewelry.

The gem is cut, pre-formed, ground, polished and drilled to become a stunning centerpiece of your necklace or ring. 

Forming the jewelry

The jeweler makes a general outline of the jewelry by forming wax into the right shape. The wax template is then used to make the final ring. Today this forming process is mostly done by computers, either by making a drawing for the wax template to be carved by hand or by actually creating the wax template itself.

Wax that melts away, forming fantastic pieces of art

The wax template is then pressed into a plastic film which creates molds for the jewelry. This way you can create a new wax template the next time you want to make a similar jewelry.

The jeweler then uses the following steps to make the perfect jewelry:

  • The wax template is placed into calcinated lime to form the jewelry’s shape.
  • The calcinated lime is then heated to melt the wax, forming a cavity in the shape of the jewelry in making.
  • The jeweler fills up the cavity in the lime with the metal of his or her choice.
  • Your new necklace or ring is ready to be finished!

Fitting the gem

If the jewelry contains a stone the jeweler makes a stone-inlay which is embedded in the gemstone on a jewel metal support. The last step is polishing the jewelry to make it all shiny and ready for you to wear!

We then inspect the product and if we decide it’s good enough, it gets prepared to be sent straight to our customer’s door, cutting out all the middle-men and giving you a fantastic price.

Get yourself something special today

I hope you get a better understanding of all the work that goes into making your favorite jewelry. The love and attention Kaylee Jackson’s jewelry receive is second to none. Maybe it’s time to get a new favorite? Don’t miss out on our handmade pieces in our webshop. Check them out here.

5 thoughts on “How our Jewelry is made”

  1. From all of your ads, I thought these rings were made here in the U.S. When I received my most recent order, it was shipped from China-and received just as the Coronavirus pandemic began to grow.
    I will certainly consider this if I’m tempted to order again.

  2. I possess the aquamarine silver stunner ring. When I first got it I thought it was gorgeous in every way. I adored the setting and the cut of the gem.
    I wore it a lot and enjoyed it a lot.
    However I do have a complaint. I just wish the artificial gem stone was natural. I wish it was a blue topaz because the depth of colour of your artificial stone was lacking. I’d rather pay more for a real gemstone in your exquisite setting, the same karat size and cut.
    I’m taking good care of my ring but I’m saddened it not a real gemstone. That’s why I will not purchase another one.
    If you change your product to a real gemstone, I’d buy it immediately

  3. Mary Lou Blaylock

    Are the gems lab grown? I cannot imagine them being real with the price you charge! Can they be appraised for insurance value ?

    1. Kaylee Jackson

      Hi Mary,

      Yes they are created. Please see the product descriptions on each page for the materials used in each item. thanks!

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