How to choose and wear your necklace

A necklace can make a basic outfit more festive, or it can complete your elegant party look. To help you mix and match your necklace with other jewelry and clothing, we’ve put together some guidelines. But remember, there are no rules when it comes to jewelry. Dress in a way that suits you and makes you feel beautiful!


With other jewelry


Keep it simple!


When wearing a necklace, you have to be careful with which earrings you choose. If your necklace is big, avoid bold earrings. There’s a risk you’ll look over-dazzled, and people won’t know whether to focus on your neck or ears. Either choose one of them or accent the necklace with smaller earrings, like pearl studs. The same goes for your hand jewelry. If you’re wearing a big necklace – bracelets, rings, and clocks should be kept to a minimum – Less is more!


Whatever jewelry you want to highlight – necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet – you should always let that jewelry shine the brightest!


With your clothes


First of all, decide if your outfit needs a necklace. If you are wearing a top with glittery details or a patterned cocktail dress you don’t want your jewelry to get all the attention. But maybe you want to enhance a basic garment or increase your elegance, then a necklace is perfect! When pairing your pendant and outfit, you should consider the neckline of your top or dress. Some necklaces go better with certain necklines.



A V-neck top looks best with a shorter necklace. It should naturally fall in a v-shape which will draw attention to your chest. Layered chains and pendants also work. You might want to avoid chokers and bib necklaces.


Turtle neck

In this case, you should consider wearing a very long necklace. Together, the turtle neck and the length of the chain will give the impression of you being taller. A short necklace is not a good option to a turtle neck.



This kind of top goes well with small pendants. If you want the décolletage in focus, you should go even shorter and consider a choker. A big statement necklace is not that suitable to an off- shoulder neck.


Crew neck

Here goes pretty much anything! Just be a little bit careful with a choker or an extra long necklace. Besides that, only your imagination can stop you!


Collared shirt

As you can choose to button all way up or leave some buttons undone, this shirt is an adaptable one. If you choose to button all way up is bib necklace a good choice. If you leave some buttons undone, the shirt gets more of a V-neck. We’ve learned that to a V-neck are short necklaces, layered or not, suitable.


Halter neck

As the straps on a halter neck are going high up on your neck, it’s not much space left for a pendant. But nothing is impossible! Choose an angular necklace or one with a narrow width. Avoid short necklaces to this one.


There you go! With these tips in mind, check out our beautiful necklaces and find your favorite today!

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