How to choose the best jewelry color for you

Many of us already have a preference when it comes to which type of metal color we prefer in our jewelry: rose gold, gold or silver. Additionally, you might match your jewelry with details such as little borders of sparkly stones and different-colored gemstones. But do you know which colors compliment your skin tone and eyes the best? Perhaps you’ve seen jewelry in the past that you thought looked fantastic, but for some reason, it wasn’t as nice when you tried it on? Make jewelry shopping easier with these tips!

The problem of having “nothing to wear”

Do you recognize the feeling of having a box full of jewelry, yet nothing you want to wear? Just as we often look at our over-full closet of clothing and complain about having nothing to wear, buying the wrong sorts of jewelry will leave us feeling like we lack something nice enough. Just like different hair colors look good on different people, different colors on jewelry will suit different people.  

Use your skin tone to pick the right jewelry

Your skin color and skin tone are two different things. When buying jewelry, you want to look at your skin tone to determine which colors to choose. The tone of your skin can range from cool, to neutral, to warm. The easiest way to know which skin tone you have is to have a look at your veins on your wrists. Blue and purple veins mean you have a cool skin tone, green means your tone is warm, and a mix of both usually means your skin tone is neutral.

Which tone goes best with which jewelry?

There are no rules for what type of color you can wear, no matter what skin tone you are. But to make things easier, there are some general tips for which type of metal and color will look the most beautiful on you. This is a guide you can use to easier pick your jewelry:

  • Cool skin tone looks great with silver and platinum. Gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, sapphires and amethysts are examples that look amazing on you.
  • Neutral skin tone is nicely complimented by almost any colors, so it’s a matter of trying different things until you find your favorite.
  • Warm skin tone looks wonderful with rose gold, gold and copper, but you will have no problem getting away with wearing silver and platinum. Try jewelry with emerald, alexandrite, yellow topaz or peridot.

Let your beautiful eyes grab the attention

Using your eye color is another quick way to add big effects. There are two ways of using your eye color for picking your jewelry: you can either match them with the same color or compliment them with contrasting colors. The contrast often gives a dramatic effect that will draw attention to your pretty eyes. Brown eyes can be matched with rubies and contrasted with blue gemstones. Blue eyes can be matched with aquamarine, sapphire or blue topaz and contrasted with yellow topaz or diamond. Green eyes match well with emerald or peridot.

Look at the whole outfit

The color of your clothes is a powerful tool to add attention where you want it. By wearing colors that contrast, such as gold or silver with yellow on top of a blue shirt, you can make the jewelry stand out. If you want to draw attention to your shoes, you can match their color with the jewelry color. However, it’s important to remember that the best jewelry on you tends to be the pieces that make you feel the best!

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  1. I like different kinds of stones like for a birthstone like my birthstone like for January and February I like different ones for February cuz mine’s with my mother and the reason why I like it in in September is because that’s when I was married to my husband that passed away and then on my birthday also in January I like stuff like that and I also like cameos and things like that that type of stuff and I like to have real gold or real silver because if I have the time the other kind I break out too much so those are type things I do really like a lot and I like trying places with different kinds of charms and things like with Disney or for Love or anything like that

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