How to combine your gemstones

To mix different color in a piece of jewelry can be hard, they need to create harmony. Otherwise, your necklace, ring or bracelet can either be too much or too boring. Therefore, we will give you some color combinations that truly works.

Complementary Colors

Colors that are the opposite of each other balance each other out and they complement one another. Red (ruby) and green (emerald), or purple (amethyst) and yellow (yellow topaz) are complementary colors. Combining two opposite colors makes a bold statement.

Analogous Colors

These are colors near to each other, such as green (emerald) and blue (sapphire) or red (ruby) and purple (amethyst).  This combination can include two and three colors. Analogous colors can create a calm and relaxed design.

Monochromatic Colors

The same color, but in different shades combines well. Any color goes – all blues (sapphire, blue topaz, aquamarine), all greens (emerald, peridot), all reds (garnet, pink tourmaline) and so on. To use monochromatic colors for your jewelry never fails!

Triadic Colors (triangle)

When looking at a color wheel, triadic colors make up a triangle. For example, yellow (yellow topaz), pink (pink tourmaline) and blue (blue topaz) are triadic colors. When pairing these up, it’s good to have one color being the dominant one while the other two provide as accents. Triadic colors tend to feel lively and harmonious.

Tetradic colors (rectangle)

These are two pairs of complementary colors put together. Four colors can feel like a bit much, so it’s important to create a balance between warmer and cooler tones. One color should also be the dominant one of the four. This mix of colors comes with plenty of possibilities for variation.

Split complementary colors

This combination is made up of three colors, a primary and the two colors next to the primary’s complementary color.  One combination could be blue (sapphire), pink (pink tourmaline) and yellow (yellow gold). These colors are not as harsh and loud as the complementary ones.

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