How to use jewelry to show your best assets

Learning to love ourselves is one of the most important things when it comes to our well-being. It can be difficult at times but accepting our bodies and focusing on the parts we like can do wonders for our self-esteem. When dressing, our style of clothing can be used to draw attention to different areas of the body. And just like clothing, jewelry can be used in smart ways to show off different parts.

The right jewelry will amplify your beauty

Instead of covering things up and trying to camouflage, we should focus on bringing out our own beauty in the best way possible. We all have it! When you dare to wear outfits and accessories that highlight your natural glow, it will increase your confidence and bring many compliments your way. Discovering how great you can look and investing in yourself is a great form of self-care.

How to wear necklaces


The Soleil Necklace Gold

A statement necklace with a bold pendant will catch the eye. Necklaces can add a lot to an outfit and combined with the right dress or top it can be the center of your entire look. A necklace that stops beneath your collarbones will draw attention to your neck and collarbones area. It’s a feminine and cute way of accessorizing. If you prefer to add more sexiness to your look, an eye-catching necklace that ends just above your cleavage, combined with a low-cut neckline, is a good choice.

Don’t let too many pieces steal attention

To make sure your necklace, or other types of jewelry, gets to be the main focus, you should avoid wearing pieces that are too bold. Wear small studs as earrings if you wish to let your necklace get the most attention. This works the other way around as well – long drop earrings that frame your face and highlights your jawline will work best with no necklace, or just a discreet one. Drop earrings look great with short hair, hair that is tied up or hair tucked beneath the ears. You can choose the color that make your eye color stand out.

Use rings to draw attention to manicure

Garnet Gold Soleil

Your new manicure shouldn’t go unnoticed. Wear a shiny statement ring to highlight your fingers and let people see your pretty nails. A ring with a large gemstone can make your hands and fingers look slimmer, if that’s what you want. The most important thing to remember is that you’re already beautiful in every way and deserve to feel fantastic in your own body. Don’t forget that the jewelry you wear doesn’t just add beauty – it enhances your own beauty.

Let your hands and wrists show

Hands can tell a lot about a person. We use our hands when we talk, when we eat and when brushing away a strand of hair from our face. The gestures all say something about your personality, so showing off your hands and fingers is always a good idea. A bracelet on your bare wrist will draw attention to your forearms and works as a wonderful decoration. By drawing attention to the parts of ourselves that we love it will make us glow in a completely new way. Confidence comes from within, and we should highlight our assets instead of trying to hide them.  

It’s time to feel great about yourself – buy your favorite gemstone jewelry now

It’s time to show some love to your body – treat yourself to new gorgeous gemstone jewelry today.

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