How to wear your rings and the different meanings of your fingers

Rings have been worn by kings and queens, men and women, since ancient times. The delicate piece of jewelry adds elegance to some of our most significant body parts – our hands and fingers. We use them to gesticulate when speaking, whenever we show or point at something, when giving a presentation or when meeting a person for the first time by shaking their hand. All this means that a lot of attention is given to our hands on a daily basis, and to wear rings means you and people around you have many opportunities to admire the pretty jewelry.

A ring can say a lot about a person

It might not be intentional, but we always make assumptions about those around us based on what we see. The rings on your fingers can tell stories about you without you having to say a word. A wedding ring, of course, means you’re married and have a spouse to share your life with. A sparkling diamond engagement ring means someone special cares about you, wants to share their life with you and together you’re waiting for the big occasion – the wedding. At the same time, an empty left-hand ring finger will make many people assume you’re single. But these assumptions don’t just apply to people’s relationships. You can use statement rings on your other fingers to make yourself appear for example more confident or powerful.

What the different fingers mean when wearing a ring

You can wear your jewelry on either or both hands, however, the pieces on your prominent hand will likely get more attention since you use it the most.

Ring finger is generally reserved for marital status

In most cultures, the left ring finger symbolizes engagement or marital status. If you’re not married or engaged you could still choose to wear your other pieces on this finger, although it could cause some confusion for others.

Index finger stands for power

Our index fingers are used to pinch things, to point and to poke at things. A ring on this finger will be noticed since it’s the most eye-catching it in a lot of movements and gestures, so it’s a perfect way to show of a favorite cocktail ring or other powerful pieces.

A middle finger ring gives a nice overall look

The middle fingers on both hands are a good choice to show off the rings that you like. It doesn’t have any particular meaning, but the piece of jewelry is likely to draw attention to your entire hand and makes a nice ensemble.

Use your thumbs for bold statements

Thumbs are a great place to show a fashion statement and any piece can be worn here.

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