Why We’re So Affordable

Why Kaylee Jackson Can Offer Such Affordable Jewelry

We founded Kaylee Jackson because we wanted to change the jewelry industry for the better. We wanted it to be about the customers, not about keeping men in suits rich and happy.

To do this, we needed to get rid of all unnecessary costs.

We use a highly advanced and sophisticated method to synthetically create our stones. 

To the naked eye, our stones look just like the real thing. This right here saves you thousands of dollars right off the bat. We’ve even heard from professional jewelers that our jewelry is as close to the real thing aesthetically as you can get. And just to reiterate – we DO NOT sacrifice quality. We use 100% Real 925 Sterling Silver metal (unless clearly stated otherwise) in our jewelry and our jewelry is all hand-made (unless stated otherwise). This gives our jewelry a high quality, personal touch.

We also use our SECRET SAUCE: Our Secret Shipping Strategy which allows us to sell our jewelry at a third of the price as other brands. 

We do this by shipping straight from our international warehouse to your door so we don’t have any overheads and thus we can sell at a MUCH lower price. Click here to read more about our Secret Shipping Strategy that saves you $7 each day your order is in transit.

Just read any of our hundreds of reviews that all love their high quality, affordable product.

Here’s how we at Kaylee Jackson are running things differently

How many times have you been forced to put something you truly want back on the shelf?

How many times have you found that perfect piece of jewelry only to be disheartened by the price tag?

Jewelry is an expensive industry. Only off the top of my head, you’ve got to pay for:

  1. The sourcing.
  2. The mining.
  3. Getting the gems/materials valued
  4. Shipping the merchandise overseas
  5. Storing them in a facility
  6. Buying the products from these suppliers
  7. All overhead and fixed costs of running a store
  8. Staff wages and sales commissions

After every single step, the price gets marked up to make sure it stays profitable for the jewelry company. And guess who gets the final bill? We do, the loyal customer.

And I can understand too, all of these middle-men are working hard and need a fair wage.

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