Kaylee Jackson supports the worldwide fight against breast cancer

 “Don’t worry mom, you’re going to die before me” – Kaylee Jackson supports the worldwide fight against breast cancer

Every year, 1.5 million women hear the words, “You have breast cancer”.

If discovered early and if treatments could be applied worldwide, 400 000 lives could be saved every year.

A personal story you won’t forget

 We want to share this story from augustinterupted.com. Marie was only 34 years old and a young executive climbing the corporate ladder, living the life of her dreams when she got diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Don’t worry mom, you’re going to die before me

“On August 12, 2011, I heard these six words while sitting half-naked in an exam room at St. Barnabas Hospital – “We are dealing with Breast Cancer.”  Just like that, my doctor didn’t beat around the bush or try to avoid the inevitable.

She knew from one look at my ultrasound that it was cancer. Speechless, my mother and I stared at each other for a few seconds and then all I could come up with to console her was, “Don’t worry, mom, you are going to die before me.” I’m not sure if she found comfort in that, but we both laughed and I knew that finding humor was the only way to get through this.

When I was diagnosed with Stage IIb Breast Cancer, I knew from minute one that I would have a bilateral mastectomy. Sign me up for the most conservative approach and nice new fake boobs. At 34 years old, my plan was to go with the odds and choose the surgery that would give me the best chance of survival.

Fast forward 3 months and I sit here today with a bald head from chemotherapy and a very different perspective on life. Sure, it hasn’t been the best 3 months of my life, but I’ve seen people go through worse and I refuse to feel sorry for myself.

I developed a blog called Augustinterrupted.com in an effort to share my journey with friends, family, and other women in my situation. My goal is to help women gain the same strength I have found through this journey and to find the positive in one of the world’s deadliest cancers.

Kaylee Jackson donated $1571 after breast cancer campaign

Stories like Marie’s captivate us at Kaylee Jackson. Where one’s life can be totally thrown upside down at a moments notice. The pain that these women and their families go through must be heart-wrenchingly cruel.

We reached out to the Kaylee Jackson community and quickly discovered that all of us have our stories. Some of us are survivors, some of us know survivors and some of us have lost someone special to this cruel disease.

We have all been affected in some way. The Kaylee Jackson community rallied together in a show of solidarity.

Since pink is the official color for fighting breast cancer, we did a campaign for a week and sold our Pink Tourmaline ring. We then donated 10% (the highest we could pay and still pay our employees and partners a fair wage) of the order value to the Cancer Council.

Thanks to the Kaylee Jackson community, we were able to donate $1571.79 to Cancer Council to aid them in their cancer research.

We are so proud of and grateful for everyone involved and we look forward to doing it again soon.

3 things you didn’t know about breast cancer worldwide


  1. 1. A woman between 20-29 years old has about one in 2000 risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. In her lifetime, that same women’s number is one in eight, according to the National Cancer Institute.
  2. Most women (about eight out of 10) who get breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease.
  3. In countries with advanced medical care, thanks to new treatments and early detection, the five-year relative survival rate for women with breast cancer is about 90 percent!Without access to advanced medical treatment, the survival rates drop to 24 percent and that’s why we’re donating to help advance the medical treatment required.


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