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Birthstone ring

Got my ring was very happy with it thank you

Statemen piece!

This is definitely a statement piece!! The quality, AMAZING. The design, AMAZING. Will not hesitate in buying other pieces.

Nicolette Pumilia

This is my third ring. Actually it is my fourth ring from kayleejackson.com. I am very excited to say that I am very satisfied with all four of the rings I have purchased. They are all very special to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Helen Pacio
July Gemstone - Ruby

Mother looks beautiful with the Ruby earrings and ring. Celebrated birthday on July 1st....
Mom loves it, and I love it, too... Next order is for me on my birthday this October.

Pretty in Pink!

I can’t believe I forgot to review this purchase. I love pink, real silver without rhodium plating, and the stunning details of this ring. It’s my 2nd Stunner, my 6th purchase of Kaylee Jackson jewelry, and I will be back for more. The ring is beautiful, so much detail in the undercarriage, the shoulders, and I can jump in the pool without worrying that I forgot to remove my rings and the plating comes off leaving an ugly, cannot be fixed hunk of junk that was once a pretty ring. I keep coming back to Kaylee Jackson because she doesn’t use rhodium on her silver, and the quality of her pieces is stellar. Smitten and Stunner are my favourites, but I know I will want others, because I love large pieces that are a statement on their own. I’m still looking for a ring with a large stone like this but with the band of the Smitten, that is my ideal look, she’s just not made it....yet. If I could get this stone size and shape with that wide band, I would have at least 6 of them, each representing a time, person, event in my life that left its imprint on my soul. I keep looking here for it, hoping, but I will go the custom made route if I have to, that’s how badly I want them. Quality is outstanding, prices are great, even shipping has been fairly quick on the 7 pieces I have ordered. I must go see what’s new, and maybe find my next piece, I have had my eye on a couple of different settings for a while now, and when I can, I buy, and I have taken advantage of sales and discount codes, because I love what I see here.

Angela Ingram

Opening the package on the way home... Couldn't wait!!! This quick photo does not do them justice. The color is spectacular!!! Ordered a size 8 so I can wear them on my ring finger (a little loose but not bad/won't slide off), middle and pointer

Patricia Farrell?

Love my new ring!! Thank you!!!

?JoEarlene Allen

This will be my second order being given to my Granddaughter in the photo below. My ring is the beautiful October Birth birthstone I am wearing in the photo. I really love it.

Lesli Silvers
Love my ring my tourmasine ring and people tell

In fact I'm going to get my two daughters there rings for Christmas gifts thank you getting my order so fast I was surprised Lesli silvers

Pretty in Pink

I get oodles of compliments on my ring! The size of the stone is big and a beautiful pastel pink!


{{customer_first_name}}, you will NEVER be able to get this matching Ring at this low price again!

Usually $137.95 but for you today only $54.95 + $5 Shipping

You Save $83.00