Our 6 favourite birthstone necklaces

Our birthstone necklaces come in six different types of models. For each one you can choose your favorite gemstone. If you’re looking for advice on which one to buy, whether for yourself or a gift to someone special, have a look below. Here we have explained what characterizes the different necklaces and what style they go best with. A chain comes with all pendants, adjustable between 16-18 inches.

Silver Stunner

This clean and simple look is classy enough to dress up with, yet elegant enough to go with any everyday outfit. The design means that the gemstone really is in the spotlight. So, if you want to have the beautiful gemstone of your choice in focus, this is the most obvious choice of necklace. Chances are you will end up wearing it every day since its simple elegance means you never get bored of it.

Silver Revere

The difference between this model and the Silver Stunner is that this necklace has a surrounding border of sparkling small stones on the outside of the gemstone, which adds a touch of glamour. The gemstone is also square rather than slightly oblong.

It goes perfectly with a dress or blouse on occasions where you want to add some glitter to your accessories. Perfect when going out for dinner, hosting dinner parties at home or on any day when you want to feel extra glamorous.

Silver Key

This unique model is the shape of a 3.2 cm long silver key. It’s full of stunning details and often evokes curiosity and many compliments from people around you when wearing it. The gemstone is in the shape of a drop and as usual, you can pick your favorite one. Because of the things the key may symbolize, like the key to your heart, this is a great gift.

Silver Essence

Similar to the Silver Stunner in its simple and stylish design, however, this necklace holds a circle-shaped gemstone. It’s slightly more discreet than the other looks, and is super cute and feminine. You can easily wear this every day with an outfit of your choice.

Miss Flutter

This pretty model holds a small butterfly on top of a round gemstone. The butterfly is a symbol of change and happiness, and of course the exciting flutters of butterflies in your stomach when you’re in love. Buy this type if you’re looking for a sweet, feminine necklace with a cute touch.

Silver Heart

We can barely take our eyes of this pretty heart-shaped pendant, and chances are you and people around you won’t either.  As a Christmas gift, birthday present, anniversary gift or Valentine’s Day present this romantic model will be a success. The design goes with any outfit.

You deserve to feel beautiful – right now

Pick your favorite necklaces from our webshop for yourself or as a gift. Don’t wait for another day – you deserve to feel beautiful now and every day after. Match your necklace with your choice of earrings or rings from our collection.

Thanks to our special shipping strategy we keep our prices on an affordable level while still maintaining high quality on our jewelry. We believe that feeling beautiful should be possible for everyone, and with a dazzling gemstone and our silver jewelry, you can’t go wrong.

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1 thought on “Our 6 favourite birthstone necklaces”

  1. All your jewelry is beautiful and i’d Like to have lots of it. I think on your last promotion I , at first, wanted the soleil , but instead I decided on the Duchess. I stil want it whe my budget allows, however it may have increased in price by next month and I still can’t afford it.

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