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Kaylee Jackson is all about helping you feel beautiful without feeling guilty.

We do this by offering you affordable jewelry without sacrificing quality. We are also fighting the perception that has been brainwashed into us that says that expensive equals good.

In our first year in business, we had over 30,000 international customers ordering our jewelry and this quickly proved that we were winning! Fast forward to now, we have had over 130,645 customers order our jewelry, which is crazy but makes us very happy!

We’ve all been tricked for years of elitism and snobbery that says you can only feel and look beautiful if you can afford it.

Kaylee Jackson believes that everyone, no matter what, should be able to feel pretty about herself. How do we do this?

Originally started by two Aussies in 2017, we’re now an American business with a mission to do things differently and shake up the jewelry industry for good.

Other jewelry companies have the costs of rent, staff, overhead, office space, salespeople, logistical teams and so on.

We cut out ALL these middlemen by shipping straight from our manufacturers in China to our customers’ doors.

We pass these savings onto you and this works out to be at least 60% LESS than what other companies would ask you to pay for their jewelry.

Something that would normally cost you thousands of dollars now only costs you about $60 when buying from Kaylee Jackson. Again, we pass these savings on to you.

To read more about how our shipping methods save you money click here.

Never feel guilty when buying jewelry again.

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