Our Secret Shipping Strategy

Here’s how we are able to sell you high-quality, gorgeous jewelry, for 30-50% LESS than other Jewelry Brands

We ship STRAIGHT from our international manufacturers (mainly from China) straight to our customers’ door.

This is what we call our SECRET SAUCE and you’re going to LOVE it (130,645 other customers do!).

Here’s why…

Every order receives a Tracking Number and we ALWAYS use a secure shipping method to make sure our customers are protected.

By shipping straight from our manufacturers this cuts out EVERY single middle-man out there, as well as ALL the costs associated with rent, salespeople, storefront advertising and everything else.

By cutting out these expenses and lowering the amount it costs us to make our gorgeous jewelry, we can sell you our jewelry at much lower prices than other jewelry brands BUT we still have all the high-quality, unique designs you’re looking for.

When I went through the books with the accountant, we had to recount three or four times. We just couldn’t believe our savings! What other brands could sell for a minimum of $150, we could do for a cost of $65!

In summary, we are a third of the price of what other companies would charge you for this high-quality jewelry.

For example, see the table below. The Other Companies would charge you $149.95 for a ring and you might get it to your door within 5 days.

Whereas, if you purchase from us Kaylee Jackson, we charge $64.95 (a THIRD of what the other companies charge) BUT you just have to wait an extra 10 days (on average).

Other Companies 149.95 5 days 0
Us 64.95 14 $7

After asking many of our 130,645 customers what they’d prefer, 100% actually said they were happy to wait the extra shipping time to save what works out to be $7 a day!

Again, Kaylee Jackson is about allowing as many women as possible to feel beautiful without feeling guilty. So, by extending our shipping time by about two weeks, you save more than $7 every day you wait. And by doing this we keep true our mission as a brand which is to allow as many women as possible to feel beautiful without feeling guilty.

Again, this is our SECRET SAUCE – no other companies are doing this.

But you, our customers, WANT this. It saves you money!

Our Secret Shipping System gives you most affordable option out there.

You don’t need to sacrifice your quality of life just because you want to look good when buying from Kaylee Jackson.

Kaylee Jackson – Feel beautiful without feeling guilty.

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