September Babies: Facts About Virgo and More

Can you believe it? September is finally here! Peridot season is out, and it’s now time for the Sapphire ladies to shine. And to celebrate, we at Kaylee Jackson would like to give you Virgo babies a warm welcome — through this fact-filled post.

We are now heading towards what is called the”-Ber Months”, and for pretty obvious reasons. In some countries, September is celebrated as the early beginning of the Christmas season due to the shift in climate. But for all of us here at Kaylee Jackson, this month is solely dedicated to the lovely ladies born in September — Virgos and Libras!

So, let’s jump right in! Find out more about your personality — and even verify a few bits of it — here. We also have a great selection of Sapphire jewelry towards the end of this post for you, too!

Interesting Facts About Virgos

Move over, Leos. Virgo season is in, and it’s time for these queens to light up the room.

So, you already know what your zodiac sign is; have you had anybody in the world tell you out loud what they see in the way you act?

  1. Perfectionist. Virgos simply HATE mistakes and will do whatever it takes to ensure that everything will be done according to their plans. They have high standards especially when it comes to work quality and always strive to make themselves even better than they were yesterday.
  2. Bossy. Virgos apply their perfectionism not only to themselves, but also to the people around them. Yes, they can be bossy at times, but that only means that they want the task to be completed successfully and without faults. You can either take this positively or negatively — this trait depends on your overall outlook!
  3. Humble. Despite their “overachieving” nature, Virgos are actually down to earth and are particularly not fans of being in the spotlight. Heck, they might even have a hard time accepting praises and positive comments about themselves.
  4. Organized. Virgos absolutely despise messes and clutters around their space. As perfectionists, they want to be able to go through their day to day tasks without any setbacks or plot twists, and what better way to ensure that by staying clean and well organized?
  5. Analytical. Virgos have an analytical mind that tends to dive deep into an issue in order to resolve it. That said, they are good investigators, so you better not be keeping a secret from them! The downside of this, however, is that they can become overthinkers and worry about the tiniest of things.
  6. Skeptic. Too much worrying can lead to skepticism, which is what many Virgos might be suffering from even as we speak. They do not rely on plain word of mouth alone; they need to be able to see and verify for themselves before they even start to believe in something.
  7. Cautious. And because of their skeptic nature, they are overly cautious when it comes to sharing their secrets with others, no matter how close or intimate their relationships might be. Trusting others is a process for them, which they might even find hard or impossible to do.
  8. Competitive. Nope, Virgos will never back down from any challenge laid upon them. In fact, they have strong opinions and refuse to not have their voices heard, especially when they are oh, so passionate about the topic. Moreover, they are not easily influenced by other people’s opinions — they would even go against the tide if need be!

Interesting Facts About Libras

Since we’re already here, why don’t we discuss a few facts about Libras, too? After all, they too are a part of our Sapphire family!

Libras are known to be intelligent, independent, and above all, love adventures and experiencing new things. In general, they have a strong personality; they know what they want and will not stop until they get it. If you know a full-fledged Libra, he or she might have the following traits and personalities:

  1. Sociable. These folks just LOVE people! They acquire energy through meeting up with their friends, family and favorite people in the world. Great at parties, if you may!
  2. Emotionally aware. Libras are highly intuitive with the way the people around them feel. They are also willing to act on and help those who they feel like are in need of a friend to rely on or be there for them. Libras make the perfect companions for introverts or those who feel left out in a particular group.
  3. Perceptive. Of course, perception goes hand in hand with the Libras’ emotional awareness. They are amazingly perceptive of even the tiniest bits of details around them.
  4. Flirty. Oooh, yes, let those pans sizzle. Libras love to be the center of attention wherever they may be
  5. Struggle to move on. Do Libras forgive and get over things in a flash? No, they don’t. In fact, they would have a hard time moving on, especially when good friendships and/or relationships are broken; what they do instead is swallow a bit of their pride and try to move past little disputes for the betterment of a relationship.
  6. Selective. Speaking of indecisiveness, Libras are picky when it comes to choosing their circles and intimate partners. One thing they hate about other people is their selfishness, due to their caring and giving nature towards the people they love the most.
  7. Loyal. Don’t misunderstand their “flirtiness”, especially when you are in a relationship with them, because Libras are said to be one of the most loyal out of the other zodiacs. When it comes to friendship loyalty, you can trust that a Libra will never talk ill about you behind your back, and will definitely take your secrets to their graves.
  8. Laidback. Last but not least, Libras are sitting pretty on Cloud 9 due to their laidback and chilled nature. They like to have peace and tranquility, whether when alone or with others. They have a tendency to move away from what is causing them stress and irritation, onto a more serene and safer haven.

Birthstone Jewelry by Kaylee Jackson

It is inarguable that the deep dark shade of the Sapphire can entrance anybody who dares to lay their eyes upon it. And what better way to celebrate its loveliness by personally wearing it on your fingers, neck or ears? Wear your birthstone with pride — have a piece of Sapphire jewelry today and start dazzling everyone around you.

If you are a Virgo baby born in September and would love to add a fine piece of jewelry to your already gorgeous outfits, click on the link HERE to view our full Sapphire collection.

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