The amazing history of Garnet – or the Pomegranate seed

The beautiful red garnet got its name from the Latin word for pomegranate seed: garanatus. It all makes sense since the bright red pomegranate seeds shimmer bright and red, just like the gemstone. It’s a stone with a long history that has been valued for thousands of years ago.  

The birthstone of January and second-anniversary celebration gift

This is the birthstone for the lucky people born in the month of January. It’s also the traditional gemstone gift for celebrating your second anniversary of marriage! It holds a lot of sensual energy and is said to aid in releasing your inner passion, love and attraction. In a relationship, this gemstone is thought to inspire commitment, devotion, and lasting love. Ever since Ancient Greece, it’s been a  gift that symbolizes love and eternity.

Garnet has been used since Ancient times – for its beauty and characteristics

Garnets have been used and adored since the ancient Greeks and Romans and has been found in a necklace from ancient Egypt, thought to date back to 3000 B.C. Amongst the Romans, it was a popular stone for engraving – Plato was one of those who had his portrait engraved on garnet.

Thought to protect the wearer and bring happiness

In many parts of the world and all through the Middle Ages, Garnet was worn as an amulet to protect the wearer from illness and bad dreams, while attracting happiness and health. In Christianity, the blood-red stone has been seen as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice. Some cultures believed wearing it in battle would protect them from injuries.

Buy Garnet Birthstone Jewelry – the perfect romantic gift

The deep-red color is a traditional symbol for passionate love and garnet truly makes the perfect romantic present. Whether you want it for yourself or for a beloved, you will find a range of beautiful jewelry in our webshop.

3 thoughts on “The amazing history of Garnet – or the Pomegranate seed”

  1. Phoebe de villiers

    I will like to see some necklaces and earrings in garnets. As it is my birthday on 11 January, as well as our 22 wedding anniversary.

  2. Waiting for my aquamarine ring. It looks so beautiful can’t wait to have it on my finger..
    Will be purchasing more after I receive my ring.
    Thank You ❤

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