The best gemstones for clarity and focus

Except for making sure you get enough sleep, eating healthily and drinking water, there are a few gemstones that can help you maintain your focus.

We have found three stones that work particularly well when you need to stay focused and keep a clear mind. Garnet, diamond, and sapphire are magnificent stones with many healing properties, here we will mention a few of their properties, but remember that the stones are good for many other things as well.


Not only is garnet famous for being exceptionally beautiful, but garnet is also very helpful when you need to stay focused. It helps resourceful thinking which you’ll need when you’re feeling stuck and can’t find a solution. It also benefits your self-esteem and takes away self-doubt making it easier for you to focus on your task instead of wasting energy in thinking that you are not capable.

Garnet can help you get rid of bad habits and to shield you from unnecessary distractions. It is a stone that also boosts your creative thinking which is helpful in any problem you encounter.


A diamond is not only the ultimate stone of everlasting love. It brings much more than that, no wonder it is so popular. It is a very encouraging stone that inspires you to seek the truth and to stay curious. It clears up your mind and let you see clearly within and to stay focused on your path.

Diamond also encourages you to be a force of good in the world. In other words, you really don’t need to give or receive a diamond from a lover. It is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else who could use a little help in staying focused on studies, work or when making some important decisions in life. The diamond is the only gem that reaches ten on the Mohs scale, and it is basically unbreakable!


Sapphire is a fantastic deep blue gemstone that strengthens mental sharpness. It sharpens your mind and enhances your inner vision. Sapphire helps open up the throat chakra making this stone perfect for when you have to communicate clearly.

A sapphire pendant when giving a speech is therefore very useful. It can help you reach a higher sense of wisdom and increase your self-discipline. The sapphire is probably one of the best gemstones when it comes to maintaining focus, seeing and thinking clearly and to be able to communicate your ideas.

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All of these three gemstones are available in our shop. The beauty of them all is that they fit quite well together too. So you can easily mix and match your own set of jewelry with these stones, and then you are well equipped for your studies or whatever it may be that really demands your full attention.

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