The Emerald Month

May babies, rejoice! This is your month, and is definitely your time to shine. As you probably already know, the gemstone Emerald is associated with your birth month, but do you have any idea how the two were linked together? Do you know which astrology sign is associated with it? Did you know that the Emerald was long adored by ancient Egyptian royalties, and even now, by modern day celebrities?!

If you think you already know a lot about this lovely gemstone, think again. Here we are going to discuss some astonishing and exciting facts about emeralds.

Emerald Facts

The value of an emerald is determined by four factors: color, weight, clarity and carat weight, with the most important one being its color. Surprised? Emeralds come in a variety of hues, but the best color is vivid or blueish-green. These shades are mainly due to traces of vanadium and/or chromium within the stone.

Emeralds are linked with the Taurus, which is an earth sign. Although the astrology sign represents love and wisdom, Taurus babies tend to become possessive and a little short-tempered. The gemstone is believed to greatly influence the personality of a Taurus and help transform their negative energies into something even better and more productive, allowing for a more peaceful mindset for them to be able to compose themselves.

Emeralds were first discovered in North America during the late 1990s, although the Spanish people were believed to have opened up the emerald trade to the world when they started trading the gemstones across various areas in Europe and Asia in exchange for more precious metals.

The early Egyptians believed that emeralds contained the secret to living long, fruitful lives, and even eternal youth. Cleopatra firmly held onto this belief and adorned herself with them from head to toe. If you are fond of reading Egyptian news and updates, you’ll also find that ancient pharaoh tombs contained tons of emeralds.

Today, in the United States, emeralds are a favorite when it comes to gift ideas for 2oth, 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries.

In more recent times, celebrities have been seen to flaunt these beauties during public events and gatherings. Angelina Jolie once stepped onto the spotlight with a bright and beautiful green luster by wearing emerald earrings that reportedly cost around 2 million dollars. Lady Gaga was also seen wearing emerald jewelry at the Grammys.

The emerald’s elegant green represents new beginnings, in connection with the beginning of the spring season, thus the month of May. The ancient Romans also believed that it symbolizes fertility, and so, emeralds were frequently gifted to young wives and mothers-to-be.

Despite its seemingly perfect beauty, a pure emerald cannot be “flawless”. An emerald without any imperfections is extremely rare to find, and if one does occur, it would cost a significantly large amount — even more than that of a diamond! Speaking of which, as diamonds are more dense than emeralds (and since a gemstone’s carat is calculated according to their weight), you could get a bigger emerald than a diamond at the same price.

An emerald measures around 7.50 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, and are therefore considered to be soft and, prone to chipping and/or cracking, which makes them extremely hard to turn into jewelry. So if you think that emeralds are overpriced, always keep this in mind.

The lustrous green hue of the emerald also widely represented money and financial success, but, through the years, has also been associated with loyalty and tranquility, and thus best suits those who have a calm and serene nature. It also soothes our eyes and allows for a sort of “visual reset”. That is why when we look at the plants and trees around us, we tend to feel a little more relaxed. This is a scientifically proven fact, so if you’ve been staring at your screen for an extended period of time — especially now during this quarantine period — let your eyes have some rest and look at something green for a few minutes.

Going back to the topic of money, of course, if you are able to flaunt a huge piece of gemstone hanging around your neck, it should not come as a surprise when people view you as a financially successful persona. What more for a whole set?!

In more bizarre beliefs, an emerald is thought to serve as some sort of truth serum, wherein its mysterious glow is said to hypnotize a person into telling the truth. So if you think your partner is hiding something, apparently, you can use this gem to settle things once and for all! There are also beliefs stating that putting an emerald under your tongue grants you the ability to see into the future.

Heading onto our geeky gamer side, Emerald was used as one of the three version names for the third generation Pokemon games, with the other two being Ruby and Sapphire. Of course, the mascot Pokemon for this version is an elegant and elusive green legendary named Rayquaza.

An emerald does not require sophisticated cleaning techniques. A gentle hand washing with soap and water is all it takes to keep it clean. And in order to maintain its shimmer and prevent brittleness, one must simply apply baby oil to it.

Emerald Jewelry from Kaylee Jackson

Undoubtedly, the emerald is a gift that anyone would truly adore and appreciate. Its mysterious gleam and glitter will definitely leave anyone who dares to gaze at its beauty in awe.

It is only right to celebrate this Emerald month with only the finest sets of jewelry and a whole lot of green glimmer to brighten up anyone’s day! Send someone an emerald today, allow their eyes to get their well-deserved rest, and above all, put the final touch to their elegance and grace.

If you or someone you know was born in May, or you simply have a thing for green jewelry, you can check out our huge collection here — we surely will have something that will suit anyone’s taste.

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