The fantastic history of Ruby – the king of precious stones

Ruby is one of the most well-known gemstones there is and has a long history of being associated with wealth, power and protection. In both modern and ancient times, this stone has been known for its precious red color, representing passion, love and beauty.

Ruby – one of the four precious gemstones

Did you know that “Ratnanayaka” is the ancient word for ruby, meaning the “king of precious stones”? Ruby is one of the big four gemstones, together with the beautiful green emerald, blue sapphire and diamond. In ancient times, many warriors, royalties and common people believed that wearing a ruby would provide protection and safety. Hindus offered the gemstone as a gift to the gods to be blessed with a high position in their next life. In the bible, ruby is mentioned several times.

Sold and valued as early as 2000 years ago

This precious red stone truly is surrounded with mystery and amazing lore. Throughout history it has been highly valued for its beauty and the positive powers which it’s believed to have. Records show that the stone was sold along the Silk route in China more than 2000 years ago. The Chinese warriors used to decorate their swords with ruby for better luck in battles. The gem is thought to have strong magical powers by people in different cultures, both in old times and today.

The Royal gem is part of the British Crown Jewels

The gem is strongly associated with royalty and used in for example coronation rings in England. The Burmese Ruby Tiara is another example of one of the most astonishing royal accessories. Fergie, the Duchess of York, was given a ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew, and the gem is a popular choice for many celebrities in engagement rings and other jewelry.

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