The history of Emerald and why Cleopatra loved it

Green is the color of life and often associated with the luscious green grass and leaves of spring and summer. Emerald represents love and rebirth and has been worn for thousands of years, especially cherished by royalty. Cleopatra was one of the queens that loved this gemstone and became famous for wearing it.

Egyptian queen Cleopatra and her favorite gemstone

One of the most famous collections of gemstones in history is Cleopatra’s emeralds. The Egyptian queen was said to be obsessed with the green gem, and Egypt was actually the country where emerald mining first took place. The mine was soon taken away by Cleopatra from the Greeks, as she wanted all of the beauty of the gem for herself. The ancient Egyptians used the stones not only as precious jewelry but also because of their positive impact on people. They thought that the stone could cure eye diseases and would often bury their dead with emeralds because of the gem and its green color which symbolizes eternal youth and rebirth.

Vibrant green Emerald jewelry – from the Incas to Europe

The gemstone spread from ancient Egypt to Greece and Rome and was highly valued by people everywhere. In the 16th century, the Spanish got to see it for the first time as they invaded South America where Incas already had lived with and cherished the gem for hundreds of years.

This birthstone has several meanings and beliefs, but every culture shares the fascination over this green beauty. According to mythology, it’s the stone of the goddess Venus, associated with romance, passion and unconditional love. Whether you choose to believe in the tales or not, the vibrant deep-green color will make you feel amazing. Browse our webshop for all things emerald!

6 thoughts on “The history of Emerald and why Cleopatra loved it”

  1. I have always been drawn to the beautiful magic emerald. Thankyou for your informativestories on all the precious I find them so interesting
    Kind Regards
    Maxine Morgan

  2. Hi, I would really love to purchase a emerald ring but I am confused on the ring sizing, when a buy a ring here in the uk my ring size is S what is the numeral equivalent.

    1. Kaylee Jackson

      Hello we use standard US sizing 🙂 If you YouTube there are lots of tutorials to show you how to measure. That’s the easiest way 🙂

    2. I’ve been waiting and waiting for my ring l ordered l have texted you about this several times to be told that it’s stuck at the Canadian border I’m not happy with getting no response from you from my last text which was over a week ago !!!! I don’t know if I’m being scammed by you or if you are legit Chris Disimone

      1. Kaylee Jackson

        Hi Chris, the current health crisis has delayed a lot of shipping for a lot of businesses and Canada is actually one of the worst affected for us.

        But please know that it is out of our hands and it’s just what is happening in the world, as much as we wish we could speed it up for you.

        We reply to every ticket within 24 hours

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