The legend of December birthstone Blue Topaz

When looking at the beautiful Blue Topaz stone, what pops up in your mind? Perhaps the soft, tropical sea, gently moving in the warm breeze? Or the bright sky on a cold winter day? The birthstone of December has a lot of different, interesting meanings. However, it’s easy to associate it with positive things, such as beauty, brightness and love.

One of the most famous gemstones

Alongside sapphire, ruby and diamond, topaz is actually one of the most popular and highly-valued gems in the world. Because of how bright it shines and how eye-catching the color is, blue topaz is loved by celebrities and people alike. It’s very rare in nature, where it appears in colors such as yellow and red, and even colorless.

The gemstone of winter

The cold glacier-like blue color makes this gemstone a great gift in wintertime. But it’s not only a symbol of winter, but also of love, wisdom and peace. When worn with matching tones on your clothing, the blue color really gets to shine. Celebrities love to wear it in all kinds of jewelry, not least Kate Middleton on several occasions, and many stars in Hollywood have worn it on the red carpet.

Two-thousand-year long history

It’s thought that the use of topaz goes back at least 2000 years, where in ancient Egypt people thought the stone was powerful enough to give the wearer strength. This December birthstone is also the gemstone used for the 4th wedding anniversary!

Gift a loved one beautiful Blue Topaz jewelry

The bright blue topaz in high-quality, silver jewelry makes the perfect gift. For someone born in December it will surely be highly appreciated. It can’t go wrong! Browse our wide collection of pretty gemstone jewelry and order your favorite necklace, earrings or ring today.

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  1. Color is beautiful I already have two rings green and pink since the sale . I would like to know if the sale is still going on? I hope so.

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