The Most Elegant and Affordable Black Gemstone Rings 2020

Black is indeed beautiful. But more than that, the color black is unique in the world of jewelry. So why not treat your lady to something special every once in a while? Come and take a look at our collection of the most elegant yet affordable black gemstone rings.

Black Gold Filled Jewelry

“Gold-filled is not an alloy. It is a layered material constructed in two or three layers. The core metal is jewelers’ brass; though, in the past, sterling silver was sometimes used instead. Single clad gold-filled has all the gold content in a single layer on one side. Double clad material splits the gold content into surface layers on both sides of the material. The gold alloy is bonded to one or both surfaces of the brass core with heat and pressure. The bonded raw material is sold as a sheet or wire to jewelry manufacturers for use in designs.”

Halstead Bead

Black jewelry is indeed lustrous and overall simply charming. It takes anyone’s eyes off for a break from the usual gold and silver jewelries, for one. However, when combined with a few gemstones here and there, they are sure to impress and allure anyone and everyone.

Check out the most beautiful black gold filled gemstone rings from our collection:

Antoinette Ring Black (Alexandrite)

Stone Size: 7.5mm x 8.5mm ; Product Total weight: about 8.31g

Our first ring in our collection of the most beautiful black gold filled jewelry is the Antoinette Alexandrite Black Ring. One look at it and you’ll immediately fall in love — the Antoinette Alexandrite Black Ring features a quadrilateral main stone centered around two smaller triangular ones and lined with even smaller studs of the same stone color. The simplicity and symmetry are what took out breaths the first time we came across this ring — nothing too decorative nor colorful.

June-born women will love its deep purple shade which gives off a mysterious yet fashionable vibe. It should be obvious that this ring would go well with outfits within the violet hue, but it can also be paired with blue to green themes.

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Flower Ring Black (Aquamarine)

Stone Size: 6mm x 6mm ; Product Total weight: about 4.5g

The Flower Aquamarine Black Ring’s main center of attraction is the medium blue main stone, besides of which are two flowers with center stones of the same color. Around the ring are diamond studs that add color and lightness which, in turn, somewhat attenuate yet still accentuate the black metal. Black, white and blue — the perfect combination, if we might say so.

March ladies, add a lovely touch to your gorgeous and graceful looks. In our opinion, this ring would look good with almost any outfit imaginable, but preferably on blue and white dresses and gowns.

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Stunner Ring Black (Pink Tourmaline)

Stone Size: 13mm x 18mm ; Product Total weight: about 8.5g

Ladies who are fans of simplicity will definitely adore the Stunner Pink Tourmaline Black Ring. Pretty straightforward, this ring features a 13×18 mm eye-catching pink tourmaline stone and a relatively thin ring band to counter the weight of the former. Would you dare to propose to your lovely woman with this ring? We’re pretty sure it will be a yes, considering the largeness of its stone and the overall stylish look, not to mention the fact that the month of October is reported to be one of the most popular months to tie the knot during the past few years!

And on that note, we’re pretty sure ladies born in October will love a pink addition to their jewelry collection.


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Lure Ring Black (Topaz)

Stone Size: 12mm x 10mm ; Product Total weight: about 6.4g

Is your woman more of a refined and sophisticated type? Send a Lure Topaz Black Ring to her and she might just fall head over heels for you all over again. This ring extrudes a somewhat Victorian / Gothic mood, and its gold-like yellow color just adds up to its perceived value at a glance. The decorative flowers around the stone definitely make the ring look more fancy, ensuring that the wearer will be a show stopper at any given time of the day.

The Lure Topaz Black Ring might also complete your summer OOTD look — dazzle and shine bright with a ring that is a near perfect replica of the everlasting sun. Or, early November-born ladies can have it as an addition to their Halloween costume for a more spooky flair.

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Radiance Ring Black (Emerald)

Stone Size: 9.8mm x 8.8mm ; Product Total weight : about 8.31g

The Radiance Black Ring collection features a medium heart shaped main stone. It sends a pretty straightforward message to the receiver — something along the lines of “I love you”, perhaps? Otherwise, children and young ladies might love the cutesy stone. The Radiance Emerald Black Ring in particular flashes a brilliant green to its audience, which is said to symbolize patience, wisdom, love and growth.

If your girl likes to be noticed, ring is studded with diamond linings. Nothing says “lavish” more than diamonds, after all. The aquamarines in between further accentuate the main stone of this beautiful ring and adds a touch of life to it through their blue shimmer.

The Radiance Emerald Black Ring is a great gift for Earth lovers, due to the collection of colors in it. Of course, mid-year babies might just as well fall in love with this ring, particularly those who are born in May.


RRP: Today: $54.95Select options

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