The Mysterious Mystic Fire Topaz

Oh? It seems as though we have a relatively new gemstone up for talks and grabs, and this one is particularly pleasing to the eye and certainly easy to capture one’s attention for obvious reasons.

Hello there, bearer of the November birth moon (and do bear with us trying to sound chivalrous here, please!). If you are not fully aware, you get to enjoy two kinds of gemstones, though the other’s characteristics don’t stray too far from its partner. Still, it feels good to know that you have options, doesn’t it?

While the widely acknowledged birthstone for November, the Yellow Topaz, seems to represent the bright sun and all its glory, our next contender seems to be shrouded in a veil of mystery, what with its kaleidoscopic range of colors that change as you, too, change your perspective and the angle with which you view said gemstone.

Now, allow us here in Kaylee Jackson to take you on a quest to discover the secrets (and learn a few facts along the way!) behind this ever so elegant and brilliant gemstone of this month — the Mystic Fire Topaz.

Facts About the Mystic Fire Topaz

The one question that most likely got you here is, why does the Mystic Fire Topaz change color when viewed at different angles? We wouldn’t want to spoil the party, now, do we? So, let’s save that up for later and instead get to know more about the gemstone first.

The Mystic Fire Topaz is a relatively new type of gemstone. The first one was seen just before the beginning of a new century, back in 1998 at the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair, which technically makes me, and most probably you, the reader, older than it. And just like any of us that needs significant time and efforts to be noticed by our target audiences (be it our dream company, or our long-term crushes and whatnot), the Mystic Fire Topaz took quite a while before it was finally recognized and patronized by jewelry consumers and connoisseurs.

Do you ever look at this gemstone’s name and think about why you’re giving yourself a headache?! The Lipstick Wire Notepads also come in a variety of names, including Mystic Topaz, Fire Topaz, Caribbean Topaz, Alaska Ice, and — and this is probably the most obvious one of all — Rainbow Topaz. So if 3 words are too much for you to handle, you can simply ask your jeweller for your favorite gemstone using these names.

Not all rainbow-colored gemstones, however, are automatically categorized as Mystic Fire Topaz. In fact, when it comes to visual appearance alone, it is often mistaken for Mystic Quartz, though the two can be differentiated from the other by its hardness. Can you guess which one is harder? That’s right (or you’re probably wrong; I don’t know what your guess was); with a score of 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, our Topaz is the clear winner (the other one having a hardness of 7.

Need a particular gemstone cut? According to a post by Gem Select:

“Mystic topaz is a very versatile material. Therefore it can be fashioned into a great variety of shapes, such as square, round, octagon, pear, oval, heart and other fancy shapes. Strongly colored gemstones are usually scissor cut whereas weakly colored stones are generally brilliantly cut. This best shows off the brilliance and clarity of the gems. Since mystic topaz is strongly colored, the clear topaz can be brilliantly cut in preparation for the color enhancement. When topaz has irregular inclusions, it is often cabochon-shaped. The hardness of topaz makes it resistant to scratches. However, lapidarists must handle topaz carefully, due to its perfect cleavage, which means that it can easily fracture.”

It is said that the Mystic Fire Topaz can aid in one’s physical healing, and promotes the overall well-being of the body. Looking for a way to treat your hemorrhoids? Grab a Mystic Fire Topaz (of course the best option is still to go to the doctor, but there’s no harm in holding onto a belief). And if you are in need of a boost in appetite, this gemstone can be something that could be of great help. Why, by just taking a glimpse at its dazzling colors, one can’t help but want to explore its mysteries, so why not try to relate that into exploring the exotic flavors offered at your plate?!

“The rainbow hues of the Mystic Topaz holds the propensity to heal the emotional wounds gained from the past as well as help to utilize the hidden talents to live the life to the fullest. It too brings luck in life and root out the negativity from the emeoti0nal hear gained by facing the hurtful past. Further the colorful vibes of the stone help to augment the relationship moreover intensify kindness along with the compassion. The potency of the stone too contemplate to infuse awareness to handle the situations in addition to the twists and turns of life. The positive vibes of the stone infuse constructive thoughts and the feelings to deal with the things in a positive manner. It too speculate to soothe the emotional heart along with the surrounding environment, furthermore help to accomplish the goals in the desired way.”


So, what is the secret behind its multitude of colors? The Mystic Fire Topaz is actually a colorless Topaz that is treated with specific chemicals for it to be able to produce the kaleidoscope of colors that we all know and love.

According to a post by Gem Rock Auctions:

Through a modern technology technique called CVD (chemical vapors disposition) the stone is made more desirable. The process places a thin layer of titanium onto a colorless topaz gemstone, resulting [in] a[n] eye-catching variety of colors.  Mystic topaz is a natural stone enhanced by a coating treatment.

Caring for Your Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry

I see that you are a woman of culture, as well, and you possess a dazzling Mystic Fire Topaz jewelry yourself! Have you been taking care of it? Be sure to, if you want it to last a lifetime!

That said, as earlier mentioned, these are only treated Topaz gemstones, and as such, the luster and the vibrancy of its colors will eventually fade over time and with every use. However, there’s not harm in trying to preserve its beauty while you can, right?

So, without further ado, here are some care tips for your Mystic Fire Topaz jewelry:

Mystic Fire Topaz is a very delicate gemstone, considering that it has been treated to look exactly the way you want it to. That said, many believe that this gemstone should be given the same type of care as you would on a pearl. It is generally advised that you use the same cleaning products and cleaning procedures — although soap and water is sufficient, using proper cleaning products will do a much better job at maintaining and preserving its beauty. Obviously, you should not use abrasive materials and fabric to clean your jewelry, unless you want to chip the psychedelic rainbow colors away from the gemstone and revert back to a plain old, boring colorless Topaz.

And before you buy Mystic Fire Topaz jewelry, try to make sure that the metal used (as well as its formation around it) will indeed protect the gemstone from any sharp blows or damages (and luckily for you, we at Kaylee Jackson are implementing just that. ABSOLUTELY no dents nor scratches will be laid upon your precious KJ jewelry, so why look elsewhere?!), and have your jewelry box ready for the newest member of its family. Remember that proper storage is also vital for a more effective jewelry preservation process.

Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry by Kaylee Jackson

The Mystic Fire Topaz opens up all its secrets and charms to those who dare to see beyond that which meets the eye. Still don’t believe in the different mysteries of the world? How can you not?! Let this gemstone serve as testimony to God’s multitude of blessings and gifts to us mere mortals, and with its lustrous and kaleidoscopic grace, you may soon learn to appreciate the beauty that it possesses.

Mystic Fire Topazes are truly a unique gift for any occasion. If you or someone you know was born in November, or you simply have a thing for rainbow colored jewelry, you can check out our huge collection here — we surely have something that will suit anyone’s taste.

24 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mystic Fire Topaz”

      1. I received my ring and earrings yesterday and they were the wrong stones. I had ordered aquamarine and someone changed it to Ruby. My birthday is March so I’m not near Ruby color. Where do I send these back so I can get my aquamarine. Is it the Paloma, Ca. address? Thanks, Mary Copas

    1. Kaylee Jackson

      Hi Laura, we noticed you have ordered the matching Necklace + Earrings deal twice (maybe you clicked the button twice)?

      So we went ahead and we only refunded the duplicate order 🙂

      All your other orders are good and confirmed.

      thank you!

  1. I have not received my set of ring, necklace, and earrings. They are for February. They have been ordered and paid for some time now. Where oh where is my ( Jewelry )???

    1. Kaylee Jackson

      Hello! please email us using our contact us form on our website and we will track your order for you – thank you!

  2. Have reviewed my order and as all my order, it was perfect! Mystic fire topaz did not disappoint me and will simply say it is my favorite! Thank you

  3. Kaylee I can not thank you enough for coming into my life and bringing me such brilliant joy .I;m March and everything I ordered is breathtaking. I am so happy satisfied,and thankful.. Thank you kaylee….

  4. Christine Macdonald

    Am late in replying to compliment you on my amethyst ring. As expected it is beautiful. Now I have to remember to take it off as I don’t want to damage it by wearing it all the time. Great work.

  5. I Am in the process of moving from Maryland to Delaware. I really love to read all my emails especially Jewerly companies I have ordered from before. Please do not remove me from your email list. I am alone with no help in moving so it is taking quite a while thank you for reaching out to me!

    1. Hi Martlin, please come onto our live chat using the icon on the bottom right of our website, or you can message us directly from facebook if you search for Kaylee Jackson Jewelry.

      Or send us an email – thanks!

  6. I finally received my Alexander ring today 9-14- 2021. I know now that when I order my jewelry from kaylee Jackson it will take a full month to receive it. I love my ring and I will be ordering more jewelry from Kaylee Jackson…thank you! I’m thrilled and I will be patient next time . Bonnie gantt

  7. I ordered my blue topaz ring & it is very pretty. I had trouble getting my payment information in because it kept asking for my information 3-4 times. It finally went through on about the 8th of August I believe. Then on September 13th I got the same ring….. it didn’t come with any papers or instruction on how to return it ( no shipping label included). I need to return it but don’t know where to send it. Could you please give me instructions & a return label? I don’t want 2 rings just alike. Thanks I really prefer the oval shape or heart shaped stone but would like to see the Mystic Fire Topaz first.

  8. I have received my amazing and huge Mystic Topaz Fire ring. It is sitting in its box, waiting for the next special occasion. Thank you so much. I am feeling like Royalty.
    Diane, Australia

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