The November birthstone Topaz shines like the sun

Yellow topaz is the birthstone of November. This beautiful stone is said to harness its energy from the sun. Its warm yellow, golden color radiates positive energy to the wearer and is known to bring joy, happiness, and abundance. It’s also the stone given in celebration of the 4th and 19th anniversaries of marriage.

Seen as a powerful symbol of the sun god

The name probably comes from The Topazios Island in the Red Sea, but some think it could be linked to ancient Sanskrit where it translates to “fire”. In ancient Egypt, the stone was a symbol of their sun god Ra and was thought to hold very powerful energy. Meanwhile, the Hindus used it to protect their homes from fire and wore it on their chest to bring them a long life full and enhanced beauty and intelligence.

An aid for creativity, love, and affection

If you’re looking for more creativity in your life, the yellow topaz is said to bring more creative energy to the wearer and can also help with concentration. According to many cultures, the benefits of the stone include calmness and protection from nightmares and bad sleep because of its balancing traits. The beautiful stone is also a symbol of all things that surround love and affection – it’s said to help you deal with your emotions in a loving way while allowing you to see all the beauty in yourself and others.

Buy Topaz jewelry and bring more joy into your everyday

It’s always a good time to add more happiness to your existence and the beautiful topaz is a great way of feeling better. The shiny gemstone jewelry is a great gift for yourself or a loved one. And by the way, it will be extra appreciated by someone born in November as it’s their birthstone!

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