The Sapphire Month

September babies, make some noise! This is your month, and is definitely your time to shine. As you probably already know, the gemstone Sapphire is associated with your birth month, but do you have any idea how the two were linked together? Do you know which astrology sign is associated with it? What is the secret behind its deep, dark blue shade?

Blue, blue, deep blue gleam. How lovely a precious Sapphire can be! Whenever you decide to wear one, you can be sure that this stone can become a dazzling part of any of your beautiful outfits. But how can you possibly have a lovely addition to your look without possibly knowing a bit more about its history? Besides, it’s not a bad idea to learn something new every day, and since you are already here, why not take the time to discover more about your birthstone?

Are you ready for this? If you think you already know a lot about this lovely gemstone, think again. Here we are going to discuss some astonishing and exciting facts about sapphires.

Facts About the Sapphire

As you might already know, the Sapphire is the birthstone of September, but did you know that these gemstones are also a traditional gift for 5th and 45th anniversaries? It is high time to get one and send as a gift to a special person in life!

The only thing that can leave a dent or scratch on a Sapphire is a diamond — yep, it comes only second to the latter in terms of strength! On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, Sapphires are on a 9/10 score. This makes it easy for you to wear them anywhere and anytime!

And speaking of durability, did you know that the Apple Watch Series 3 houses lab-grown Sapphires in its screen to guard it from tiny scratches and dents? Well now that you know, you can spend all day flexing your tech to anyone!

Now let’s go through a bit of history. “Sapphire” comes from the Greek term sappheiros and the Latin term sapphiru, which both mean — and you might already be aware of this — “blue”. However, this does not mean that all sapphires come in this color; in fact, they come in a multitude of rainbow colors, including pink, yellow, orange and more, with the rarest Sapphire being in an orange-ish pink hue and is called padparadscha, which means “lotus flower”. Meanwhile, the most valuable sapphires come in a mid-blue shade that is ever so constant regardless of lighting.

During the Middle Ages, the Sapphire was used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits, due to the belief that the blue stone radiates mystic energy and powers. And its glorious shimmer have always been associated with the color of the heavens, the Europeans believed that a Sapphire can bring tons of heavenly blessings to those who wear it, including the preservation of chastity and good health.

The deep blue shade of the Sapphire has long been associated with nobility and royalty (though if you think about it, if you can afford precious stones back in the day, then you might as well be part of a royal family!). And with the belief of the Sapphire’s wondrous powers, medieval kings would often wear them to defend themselves from enemies.

French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gave to his beloved wife Josephine a two stone sapphire and diamond engagement ring in 1796. The ring, which sold at auction for close to a million dollars in 2013, features a pear-shaped sapphire next to a pear-shaped diamond facing opposite directions, on a simple gold band.

— Brilliant Earth

This lovely gemstone can be found in various points across the world, including China, Cambodia and Australia and more. The Sapphire has also acquired generous reputation and fame over the years. According to a post by Leo Hamel,

“Several famous sapphires have emerged over the centuries, including the Star of India, the Rockefeller Sapphire, and the Logan Blue Sapphire. But perhaps the most well-known sapphire is that of Princess Diana’s engagement ring. The 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire was seen as an unusual choice for Lady Diana, as it was featured in one of Garrard’s catalogues, making it available to the general public. Typically, a royal engagement ring would be a custom design not accessible to commoners. But, as many remember, Diana was known as the “people’s princess,” and this is just one example of why. Nowadays, this legendary sapphire is worn by Prince William’s wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. He proposed with his mother’s ring in 2010, keeping her legacy alive through this beautiful blue gem.”

The beautiful color and clarity of expensive natural Sapphires are the result of heat treatment. This is an industry-accepted standard process, and it actually does more than that. Heat treatment also allows for permanent enhancement and an additional resistance against accidental breakage or chipping.

Sapphire Jewelry by Kaylee Jackson

The ever so glorious and mystifying heavens bless you with a lovely gemstone that you will surely love for all eternity, and through the years, technology and development have made it possible for you to easily have them for yourselves. Here at Kaylee Jackson, we value our customers and their satisfaction, and we are here to bring you happiness through fine pieces of jewelry that you can add to your collection or wear to dazzle the crowd. Moreover, we offer the most affordable yet high quality sets of jewelry anywhere in the market — do not be fooled by their expensively elegant looks and graceful charms just yet! Want to join thousands of lucky ladies who are now enjoying their share? Have a look at our shop right this instant!

Sapphires are truly a unique gift for any occasion. Both Virgos and Libras get to enjoy them as their birthstone. If you or someone you know was born in September, or you simply have a thing for blue jewelry, you can check out our huge collection here — we surely have something that will suit anyone’s taste.

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