The Topaz Month

November babies, let your voices be heard! This is your month, and is definitely your time to shine. As you probably already know, the gemstone Topaz (and Mystic Fire Topaz, for that matter) is associated with your birth month, but do you have any idea how the two were linked together? Do you know which astrology sign is associated with it? What is the secret behind its simple yet undoubtedly elegant shimmer?

“Take the sun with you,” is what we like to say when referring to topazes. And why not? This exquisite gemstone glimmers as bright as that which shines above all there is on earth. November babies get to have this little piece of heaven as their birthstone, and it is one that truly and fully describes their personalities: intelligent yet secretive, creative, caring, hardworking, intuitive, and above all, “sunny” and carefree.

Are you ready for this? If you think you already know a lot about this lovely gemstone, think again. Here we are going to discuss some astonishing and exciting facts about topazes.

Facts About the Topaz

To…paz. Ever wondered where this beauty got its name? According to a post by Angara:

“Topaz is believed to have been named after a small island in the Red Sea named ‘Topazos’ where golden stones were found. What’s interesting is that the gemstones discovered were not topaz, but peridot!”

There exists another theory with regards to the origin of the gemstone’s name. It is believed by many that the term “topaz” was actually derived from the Sanskrit term tapas (which, in Filipino, means a type of marinated pork, but you didn’t need to know that) which roughly translates to fire.

You probably already know this, but the Topaz comes in a wide range of colors — and not just the usual sunny yellow (although it is still regarded as the signature birthstone color for November babies). If you are a super Kaylee Jackson fan, you know that here, we also offer Blue Topazes and the ever so majestic Mystic Fire Topaz.

The most common color of the Topaz is (guess what it is!)…

Well, you’ve thought wrong. Its most common color is actually… nothing. Colorless. Yep. As such, Topazes were (and still are) often confused with diamonds, so don’t feel too bad if you make the mistake, too, in the future. Other varieties include shades of purple, brown, red and green. Heck, some would even call it as a “rainbow gemstone” because of all of its types and variations!

Speaking of mistakes, here is another trivia by the same post from Angara:

“In 1740, a 1680 carat gemstone named the ‘Braganza Diamond’ was mined in Brazil. This gemstone was set on the Portuguese crown and was believed to be the largest diamond during its time. Now the jewel is recognized as a colorless topaz and is one of the most popular topaz stones in the world!”

Now, in terms of variations, there is one whose value is a little too above the rest. That one is called the Imperial Topaz. Possessing a reddish to pinkish to orange (-ish?) hue, said gemstone was meant only for the Russian family Czar during the 18th to 19th century — talk about exclusivity! Can you imagine?! Something so precious can only be used for your specific needs and interests!

Your little piece of heaven might not be as valuable as the one mentioned above, but it is still a part of your treasure, and treasures are always meant to be cared for. Although they might look tough and sturdy, they are still prone to dents or even breakage when exposed to sudden changes in temperature or pressure. Moreover, its lustrous color will eventually fade, rendering it dull and just overall unattractive.

That said, what is the proper care technique for your Topaz jewelry? Here is a suggestion from Bonheur Jewlery:

“Topaz is best stored at moderate temperatures and out of the light, as exposure to sunlight may dim its color. Dark velvet jewelry pouches are ideal for protection as they keep light and dust out and prevent physical damage.

When it’s time to clean your topaz, do not use any special jewelry cleaners, as they often contain chemicals and acids that are too harsh for this stone. Simply soak in a lightly warm water solution and mild soap dish for 10 to 15 minutes instead. Rub any remaining dirt off with a soft cloth, then rinse it in warm water and pat the piece dry.

During the ancient times, it was believed that the Topaz could be used to boost one’s strength in preparation for any trials or tribulations. It may have also been used as treatment for anxiety, muscular pains and cramps and even diabetes or obesity. Talk about an all-around healer!

But more than that, the Topaz was also believed to heal physical and mental ailments — and even to prevent death!

In need of a few bucks? Try wearing Topazes with you; it is said that these gemstones are good attractors of money and wealth — in the form of gold! Heck, maybe Yellow Topazes are actually made of it gold…?

Nah, who needs 18k gold, when you can have a whopping 31,000k Topaz? That’s right! This particular Topaz is, in fact, the largest faceted gemstone in the world, and was named the “El-Dorado Topaz”.

Or are you perhaps looking for something to strengthen the bond between you and a significant other? No worries; the Topaz has got your back! The Topaz represents love and fidelity, and is widely recognized as the traditional gemstone for 4th and 19th marriage anniversaries.

Topaz Jewelry by Kaylee Jackson

Oh, what a lovely gemstone we have for today (and for the whole month, too!). Let the Topaz brighten up your get-up and ultimately anyone’s day by wearing one with you regardless of the occasion. Truly, there is none in the world who cannot learn how to appreciate this majestic piece of heaven.

Topazes are truly a unique gift for any occasion. If you or someone you know was born in November, or you simply have a thing for yellow jewelry, you can check out our huge collection here — we surely have something that will suit anyone’s taste.

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  1. Kaylee, I have a good friend who was born in November and I want to buy her a blue topaz for her birthday, but don’t have the money now. I also want a fire topez for me, but again, I’m broke. I will notify by November 1st to order at least Eileen’s ring. Thank you ☺️

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