What is Alexandrite and how can it help you?

What is Alexandrite and how can it help you?


Have you ever met someone with too much self-discipline? Do you demand too much of yourself sometimes? If you sometimes find yourself continually raising your standards whilst some other days you just go with the flow. If you feel like you need or want to find balance, peace and joy from within, you might just be an Alexandrite. Alexandrite is a purple gemstone that shifts its shades from green to red depending on the lighting.

Legend says that Alexandrite brings balance, good fortune, joy and love.


The history of Alexandrite


This stone was first discovered on the birthday of the Russian prince Alexander II near the Tokovaya river by the Ural mountains back in 1830. Miners were working from early sunrise, collecting emeralds by the mountains and didn´t rest until they went back to their camp by dawn. Late at night, a bright new shone by the campfire made a miner look around. One of the sacks with gems had opened almost by itself and glittered in a kind of red shade.
The miners didn’t know what they had found, a gemstone with some green color by day and red by night.

Were these magic emerald stones in the Ural mountains?

Alexandrite brings  you


  • Luck.
  • Good Fortune.
  • Love.
  • A balance between the physical and the spiritual worlds.
  • Encourages romance and brings you hope.

Boost your creativity and imagination with an Alexandrite ring

When you wake up in the morning and know that this day will be a tough day with lots of hard work far away from creativity, you know that you need an Alexandrite. Amplify your feelings of wellbeing, boost creativity and imagination and live in the now with a Silver Stunner or a Vegabond.

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3 thoughts on “What is Alexandrite and how can it help you?”

  1. Is your Alexandrite laboratory grown? I have several pieces of Russian Lab Alexandrite. Emerald by day & Ruby by night.

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