Which Gemstone Earrings to wear on different occasions

Looking for a new pair of earrings and can’t decide which one to choose? We have made it easy for you by listing what you should wear on different occasions. Consider the event you’re dressing up for to decide what style will suit you the best.

The right accessories brighten your day

Accessorizing can brighten up any day for you. When you wake up in the morning, it’s still dark outside and perhaps you’re still tired as the alarm clock goes off. It might sound silly, but a good pair of earrings is part of what can improve your mood as you get ready to face the day.

How to pick the right color of your earring

Sometimes matching the most prominent color in your clothing with your jewelry can be a little too much. At the same time, clashing colors can be distracting and unpleasant for the eye. If you’re wearing neutral colors like grey, white and black, you’re free to experiment with different colored earrings. Let a sparkly, colorful gemstone add a nice lively touch to your neutral colors.

Use matching gemstones with the minor colors of your outfit

If you’re already wearing some colors on your outfits, you could try to pick some of the minor ones. If your top is mainly blue, with a small, yellowish or golden pattern, then a pair of yellow topaz earrings would look great.  

Our 4 different types of earrings and which style to choose

In our webshop, you can choose between four different styles for your earrings, as well as a large number of different gemstones for each one. By matching your outfit with the right type of jewelry you will feel a big difference!

For special occasions and when dressing up

Featured in picture: https://kayleejackson.com/product/revereerr-aq

Going out for drinks or dinner, dressing up for the holidays or someone’s birthday and other festive occasions means you can glam up with sparkly, eye-catching jewelry. Our Silver Revere dangling earrings have a pretty diamond border around the gemstone of your choice and fit perfectly for those special times when you want to feel glamorous. You can match it with our Silver Revere necklace and rings if you like for a complete set of gorgeous jewelry.

Pretty and discreet stud earrings for work

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If you work in an office where the dress code is conservative or strict, you probably want to stick to discreet accessories. They can add a really nice touch to your business outfit. For those normal, everyday outfits, you can wear a pair of simple stud earrings to add a nice touch. If you choose a color that pops, even small studs can have a significant improvement on your overall look. We recommend our Silver Lure Stud earrings since they can be worn on every occasion and at work.

Clean, classic design with the gemstone in focus

Featured in photo:

If you’re an admirer of pretty gemstones you can wear a pair of Silver Stunner earrings from our collection. They allow the stone to get all the attention, shining with its beautiful color. Its classic, stylish design means you can wear it both on formal occasions and in your everyday life.

Feminine blossom earrings for that extra touch

Featured in photo

On days when you want to add a feminine touch with your accessories, earrings with small details like hearts or flowers are a good choice. Our Silver Blossom earrings have a pretty, flower-shaped stud, with a small gemstone hanging from it with a detailed silver border. You will both look and feel super cute!

Be ready for every occasion – order your gemstone earrings today!

By now you have an idea of what styles you can wear on different occasions, so go ahead and pick your favorite pair of earrings from our webshop! We have a large range of beautiful, high-quality and affordable jewelry to fit all your needs.

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