Which Of Your Favorite Celebrities Are Ruby?

Sometimes when you meet someone, do you also feel like you have met him or her before? It
could be just a hunch or it could be something more, nevertheless, people are people yet some
people are more of the same. If someone is just as passionate, loving and strong as you are,
she might be a ruby birthstone as well. For the month of the ruby, we have gathered a list of
five male celebrities born in the month of the ruby. We have also gathered a list of five female
celebrities and part 2 will reveal everything about them.

Celebrities born in the month of the ruby:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – July 30, 1947

Terminator and Governor of California, this man has many skills.

2. Will Smith – July 4, 1981

Will Smith started his career as a rapper and then moved into television. Since then he has become one of Hollywoods biggest stars and can be seen in movies like Men in Black, Independence Day, I am legend and many more. But not everybody knows that this box office superstar is also a successful entrepreneur.

3. Sylvester Stallone – July 6, 1946

From the Italian Stallion in 1970 all the way down to Escape plan 2: Hades in 2018, Stallone is a walking legend.

4. Tom Cruise – 3 July, 1962

Ohh.. Where do I start.

5. Prince George of Cambridge – 22 July 2013

Image Source: Getty / Handout

Almost five years old, this beloved royal prince is making the world rejoice for his big smile
and joy of life.

You might be born in July or maybe your husband, son or daughter is. Whoever you know
that is passionate, strong and loving at the same time, they might deserve a stunning new ring
or necklace. Check out the rubies in our webshop here.

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