Who Is Kaylee?

Just like an author has a pen name or an actor has a stage name, Kaylee Jackson has Kaylee

Kaylee Jackson was founded because we were sick and tired of being charged ridiculous prices and not being able to do anything about it.

We weren’t being taken seriously by anyone and the mission to let women feel beautiful without feeling guilty was failing.

Our brand star, Kaylee, was created in our founder’s image, story, and journey in order to summarize the collective frustrations felt when buying jewelry.

By taking the focus away from us and creating Kaylee, we were able to put the focus not on us, but on our cause and message.

Because our cause and message is so much bigger than we are.

Creating Kaylee means that our cause and message won’t become locked down, tied to and limited to us. It means that our message and cause can grow faster than we ever could.

The message that you don’t have to feel guilty when you want to feel beautiful has spread all over the world. With everyone rallying behind what Kaylee stands for.

We’ve now created a movement and with over 130,645 customers worldwide, it’s safe to say that the Kaylee Jackson message truly is spreading all over the world.

If you agree with our message, that you should be able to feel beautiful without feeling guilty, then Kaylee is just as much you as she is us.

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