Why You Should Buy Birthstone Jewelry

Thinking of adding a new piece to your jewelry collection today? Why settle for those boring mainstream gold or silver jewelries, when you can wear your very own birthstone on you and have your audience fall head over heels over them?

Arguably, all of us women would be charmed by gold and silver jewelry because of their minimalism and straightforwardness in terms of sending a message — “I love you.” Moreover, jewelries forged using these types of metals look very clean and goes well with all complexions and body shapes and sizes.

Throughout time, many jewellers, as well as powerful names such as those of famous celebrities and royalties, have greatly influenced everyone’s taste in jewelry, and of course, manufacturers big or small have only followed the trend, which is what led us into loving them even more in the modern era.

There’s nothing wrong with having a particular interest in the commonly advertised and marketed pieces of jewelry, but have you ever considered going against the tide and be among one of those who are deeply enchanted by uniqueness?

Yep, in case you didn’t know, your rings and other fine pieces of jewelry don’t have to be plain and simple; the world offers so much more than that. Here we have birthstone jewelry — pieces of jewelry that represent your own birth month through lovely gemstone centerpieces that come in a variety of colors and meanings.

In this post, we at Kaylee Jackson would like to open your minds to why you should buy one of the most trendy pieces of jewelry today.

Great Variety of Designs

Unlike the traditional gold and silver jewelries, birthstone rings, necklaces and earrings (herein referred to as RNEs) have a diverse range of designs, not only of the main stone, but that of the ring band, necklace and earrings themselves. This is because birthstone jewelries do not care so much about simplicity and minimalism, but focuses more on accentuating the gemstone and the overall look and feel of them being worn around the wearer’s body.

You will also find that the gemstones will be available in a great number of cuts and weight, depending on your preference. In general, most birthstone RNEs brandish a medium to large main stone so as to make themselves the center of attention in one’s outfit.

Charming Colors

All birthstones have their own unique defining colors that you can mix and match with any outfit. They especially come in stunning shades that shine even brighter under certain lighting conditions. There are also times when birthstone jewelry can have more than one gemstone (if you are fond of rainbow-themed jewelries, then these ones are for you!) if you are one of those who are not impressed by their own birthstones.

Oh, and by the way, do you know which gemstone represents your birth month? If not, here is a quick guide:

  • January | Garnet | Red
  • February | Amethyst | Purple
  • March | Aquamarine | Cyan
  • April | Diamond | White / Transluscent
  • May | Emerald | Green
  • June | Alexandrite | Purple
  • July | Ruby | Pinkish Red
  • August | Peridot | Lime
  • September | Sapphire | Blue
  • October | Tourmaline / Opal | Pink / Various (although usually white or colorless)
  • November | Topaz / Citrine | Bluish / Yellow
  • December | Topaz / Onyx / Turquoise | Bluish / Black / Bluish Green

Everlasting Beauty

Of course, no one would want to buy a piece of jewelry that is not within their standards of visual aesthetics (regardless of how sturdy or expensive it may be), but in contrast to the simple O shape, generic chain or studs, birthstone RNEs have a different level of beauty that anyone can be dazzled with. The flashy looks of the gemstones are just impossible to replicate, and are sure to catch anyone’s attention and are

Refined and meticulous jewelry will also more than likely last more than one lifetime — heck, the best ones can even be passed down from one generation to another!

Elegant Vibe

Have you ever thought about wearing precious rubies or sapphires to an event? What a stunning look!

Gemstone jewelry give off a purely elegant vibe and adds a sort of mystery and charm to the wearer. History and even modern films prove this to be true, as since the early ages, gemstones were generally worn as symbols of wealth and power — only those who can afford them get to wear them.

Gemstone Benefits

An article by Dazzling Rock listed a few of the generous benefits of wearing a specific gemstone:

  • Garnets: Boost your energy levels and your confidence.
  • Amethyst jewelry: It has a calming effect and is said to provide relief against anxiety. It is ideal for people who suffer mood swings as it brings peace and happiness. Wearing this jewelry lulls the mind and has a calming effect on you.
  • Aquamarine: It can have a positive effect on your digestive system, eyes, and teeth. Wearing it also brings happiness and inner calm. In addition to its unrivaled beauty, aquamarine jewelry helps the wearer cope with digestive, eye, and teeth problems. It also has positive energy, which brings happiness to the wearer.
  • Diamonds: Diamond jewelry is a no-brainer for every woman who wants to look stunning. It is the hardest material known to man, yet it is also beautiful and many believe it has healing powers. It is the gemstone mostly associated with love and if you want to impress a woman, this is the one to choose.
  • Black opal: Believed to be a good luck charm and boasts of providing psychological benefits, including increasing self-confidence.
  • Turquoise: Helps to ease feelings of negativity and low self-esteem.

Elegant Birthstone Jewelry by Kaylee Jackson

It is said that your birth month is a major determining factor for your personality and attitude towards life. Oh, what joy would it bring if you could get to wear a gemstone that represents who you are on your own fingers, ears or neck?

Here at Kaylee Jackson, we have an enormous collection of the most beautiful and elegant birthstone jewelry for each and every woman across the globe — and thousands and thousands of them are already in love with their very own piece!

Never settle for less; a woman like you deserves the very best the world has to offer. Kaylee Jackson was built on that principle, and therefore has been providing every woman with touches of sophistication and beauty in every jewelry for years.

Though if you’re not particularly impressed with your own birthstone or birthstone RNEs in general, don’t worry; diamond is a birthstone (for April babies), and you can still have it in gold or silver!

Like what you’re reading so far? Then you’ll surely love our rings, earrings and necklaces! Click here to shop for more.

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