Why your jewelry costs a lot more than it’s actually worth

Recently I was invited to go to an event and I knew some old acquaintances would be attending too. It was one of those invitations that you *could* turn down but at the same time – you really couldn’t.

Normally I would love to get to reconnect with my old friends and catch up with everyone. But I knew that some of the people going to this event were the same people who were always looking down on me whilst we were growing up.

They would snigger at me and ask me ironically how my jewelry store was going.

Thankfully those days are long gone and Kaylee Jackson now has 40 000 customers over the world but I still remember their comments and how upset it made me.

It also reminded me how much your support kept me going – I really was close to quitting once but changed my mind after reading the positive reviews my collection received.

Anyway – I digress (I do that when writing sometimes.) I put on my fanciest dress and got out my ring I wear only for very special occasions.

I really felt good knowing how pretty I looked for this event and that I didn’t have to hurt myself financially to keep up appearances.

If I may say so myself, I felt really beautiful. You can only become truly beautiful when you actually feel it from deep within.

At the event itself, I mingled and reconnected with a lot of new people. After an hour or so I heard someone call “Kaylee,” I turned around and was greeted by one of the very people I was hoping not to meet.

Of course, I politely said hello and asked what she thought of the event. She responded by asking me with a smug face if I was still “obsessed” with designing jewelry.

Before I could answer she extended her hand and showed me a really beautiful ring. It was made of real gold, was delicately handmade, fitted her finger and matched her dress perfectly.

She was looking really pleased with herself and rightly so – it looked really pretty.

“Guess how much it cost,” she said to me.

Since I’ve been in the jewelry business for a while now – I know how the system works.

I know that her ring had to be sourced, shipped, handled, assembled, evaluated, shipped again to a warehouse, delivered to the store which has rent, bills, staff and then finally sold by a seller who takes an extra final commision. Every time the ring moves hands, the price gets marked up.

Her ring probably cost her around $2000

BUT the ring itself was probably worth $500. She looked shocked, offended even. But before she had the chance to respond I took off my ring and then told her that using the information I just gave her to guess how much my ring was worth.

Our rings looked nearly identical – her ring was a tiny bit wider.

“Ok, so shipping you said. Then the ring gets stored in facilities that pay rent and shipped again to the store which has overhead and of course salaries to pay.”

She was really concentrating and then said, “$550?”

That was a good guess – the ring was actually worth $575.

Then I asked to guess how much the ring cost me.

“A little more than $2000 too,” she said.

You should have seen her jaw drop when I said that the ring was worth $575 and my store was selling them for $299.95

“The look on your face is why I’m obsessed with my jewelry store,” I said.  She just nodded in a way that showed me she finally understood. 

She walked on and now I was the one standing there with a smug look on my face!

Seriously though. Women have to the right to feel beautiful without feeling guilty. Every-day meetings like this just remind why Kaylee Jackson grew to 40 000 customers in two years. 

Women are getting ripped off daily and I am here to put a stop to that. Kaylee Jackson sells top quality jewelry for top quality prices. Kaylee Jackson may have grown into an international brand but I have never forgotten where we came from. Where came from.

For affordable jewelry for fair prices – visit Kaylee Jackson today. With over 100 beautiful and hand-made items- we’ll definitely have something for you.



P.S For the ring in question – click here. For the entire collection – click here.

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